StandWise (BeståndVis): For standwise analyses with 2D or 3D visualisations: an interactive simulator where the user defines actions that generates a stepwise prognosis from period to period.


PlanWise: For forest management planning, landscape planning and harvest calculations for small or large forest holdings in long or short terms. It includes management classes, optimisation, maps, tables and diagrams.


PlanEval: A program for comparing and ranking management plans created in PlanWise.


RegWise: For scenario analyses on a regional level. The successor of Hugin. Specifically adapted to, but not limited to, using Swedish NFI sample plots as input data.


How are the applications linked to each other?

StandWise, PlanWise and RegWise are the central applications for forest prognosis and plans. PlanEval and HabitatPrognosis use the results from PlanWise and RegWise to support the decision process by restructuring the decision problem and giving more information to the decision maker.



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