Import forest map (GIS)

A forest map is a map over the stands within a forest area. A forest map can be imported after forest data has been imported, and it can then be linked to the area selected.






The file format support is shape-file format. A "shape-file" actually consists of several files, the ones required for being able to to do the import have the file extensions.shp, .shx, and .dbf.

tog_minusHow to import a forest map
1.Select Importera skogskarta från the menu Data Management > Import.
2.Select the shp-file in the field "Shapefil". (A)



3.Under Select Area (B) select the forest that the map should be linked to.
4.In order to link the "Heureka-stands" with the map polygons a mapping key must be created. This should match the one displayed under Preview Treatment Unit Description (C)
5.Create the key by adding an attribute from the list (D). After selecting an attribute in the list, click the plus button (E) to add it. To remove a field, select the entire row and then click on the minus button..
6.If necessary, several attributes can be combined to create the key. You can let an attribute be padded with leading zeros to the desired string length (the desired length is set in Column Length) and you can also let the program add spaces between the attributes (F).
7.Under Preview Attribute Key you can see if the created keys (G) seems to be consistent with the target values (C).



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