From version 12.2 functionality was added that allows for taking current and projected land use changes into account. This function is currently specially adapted for the Swedish carbon reporting. A specific forest database is also required, that contains information on recent land used changes and ongoing transformations. For more information please contact the Swedish National Forest Inventory department at SLU.








<%EXTOGGLE%>Input variables that are related to land use

Initial land use variables are listed under "TreatmentUnit External Data". As an example, a forest domain that should only contain non-productive forest land should have this condition:





The program uses "LandUse", "Date of Land Use Change" och "Land Use Before" will affect land use transitions when running a simulation that takes land use changes into account. If no Land Use code hasbeen entered in the input database (ForestDB), then it is assumed to be Productive Forestland.

The Land Use variable can be assigned seven different values: Productive Forestland, Non-productive Forestland, Cropland, Grassland, Urban, Wetland, Other land. "NFI Land Use" is the land use code used oby the Swedish NFI.



<%EXTOGGLE%>Resultatvariabler relaterade till ägoslag

Information on land use and land used changes as projected in a simulation are stored in the result group Land Use Data. When starting a simulation, you must select what variables to save, non of them are included by default.













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