Result variables and reports

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There are large numbers of results variables in Heureka, presently about 500. These are divided into results categories. In StandWise, all categories are available and it is possible to select the variables you want to show in Table View. In PlanWise and RegWise, you have to select the variables to be saved when you start the simulation. If a problem is large, e.g. if it includes more than 1000 stands and many time periods, it is advisable to consider what variables to be saved. The drawback with selecting all variables is that the results database can become very large. With 1000 stands, 20 time periods, 100 alternative programs per stand, and all variables selected, the database will be 5-10 GB in size.


Some variables cannot be omitted. As a minimum requirement, you are recommended to select “Data per Species” and “Growth”.





Figure 1. Selection of results variables to be saved when calculating management program alternatives in PlanWise.






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