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0000547Heureka[All Projects] Optimizationpublic2022-11-09 15:26
ReporterLarsAssigned Tojonare 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version2.19.1 
Summary0000547: Change the naming of habitat model tools
DescriptionAdded tooltip/hoover text to "Tools --> Compute Stand Neighbourhood" reading "For use in neighbourhood constraints, e.g. on habitats"
"Verktyg --> Beräkna beståndsgrannskap", infotext "För användning i grannskapsvillkor, t.ex. för habitat)

Renamed "Optimization --> Add Neighbourhood constraints" , adding "(for e.g. habitats)"
"Optimering --> Lägg till grannskapsvillkor" , + infotext "Lägger till grannskapsvillkor (för användning i t.ex. en habitatmodell)"

Renamed "Tools --> Run Habitat Model" into "Tools --> Evaluate habitats (post-analysis)"
"Verktyg --> Kör habitatmodell" into "Verktyg --> Utvärdera habitat (efter analys)"
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