Not Yet Released
  • 0000678: [Control categories] Add a control category's number as a browsable property (jonare)
  • 0000656: [General] Occasionally news items will not load on the start page (jonare)
  • 0000677: [Optimization] Loading and saving old models with removed ResultProperty fails (jonare)
  • 0000674: [Forest Domain Builder] Add "Contains" and "BeginsWith" conditionals in domain builder (jonare)
  • 0000673: [TPG] Stochastic mortality does not calculate mortality per stem (jonare)
  • 0000672: [Map] Heureka cannot import point geometries. (jonare)
  • 0000671: [TPG] Spin-up for initial soil carbon use wrong species in some cases (jonare)
  • 0000665: [TPG] Tactial TPG generates treatments even though cc == unmanaged (cilwan)
  • 0000668: [TPG] Net Present Value is miscalculated if there is a thinning in the last period (jonare)
  • 0000667: [TPG] Tactical TPG uses enforced thinnings for second thinnings (jonare)
  • 0000666: [TPG] Sometimes the tactical TPG fails to generate expected programs (jonare)
  • 0000649: [TPG] No unmanaged program in Tactical TPG (cilwan)
  • 0000664: [TPG] Height settings in Control table ignored in tactical TPG (cilwan)
  • 0000652: [General] "Copy table" does not copy the full table (cilwan)
  • 0000655: [General] Mean "Bonitet" displayed in initial state is incorrectly labeled as m3sk/ha (cilwan)
  • 0000662: [Project handling] Error is thrown when displaying initial state if project has a missing in-database (jonare)
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Released 2023-12-07
  • 0000654: [Optimization] Support for Gurobi 11.0 (jonare)
  • 0000651: [TPG] Duplicate programs when fertilizationless is enabled (Linus)
  • 0000650: [General] Faster loading of large forest databases (Linus)
  • 0000612: [Growth / production] Incorrect relative age (Linus)
  • 0000648: [Growth / production] Dead Wood Decay class 4 retains dead wood under density threshold (Linus)
  • 0000647: [Map] Bug in Edit Blue Classes Def... in Buffer Tool (jonare)
  • 0000607: [Data import] Fel vid simulering av trädlista för bestånd när slutet på ungskogsfas (Linus)
  • 0000646: [TPG] Incorrect Control Category in TreatmentUnit during TPG (Linus)
  • 0000645: [RegWise simulation] Some data missing in Monte Carlo simulations (Linus)
  • 0000644: [General] Treatment.ThinningType is incorrectly calculated in StandWise (Linus)
  • 0000641: [TPG] Treatment proposals with treatments within the same year does not work (Linus)
  • 0000642: [General] Optimization results details display duplicate (Linus)
  • 0000643: [Other] Litter log not being written (Linus)
  • 0000639: [Growth / production] In rare cases a Prediction Unit is not updated after trees are removed (jonare)
  • 0000636: [Data import] Project Wizard fails when importing stand register with errounous data (jonare)
  • 0000605: [General] Total volume in initial state labeled as m3sk/ha (jonare)
  • 0000637: [General] StandWise project fails to load due to diagram deserialization error (jonare)
  • 0000635: [General] Retained trees are lost when projecting an area to a future date (Linus)
  • 0000634: [General] Error projecting a treatment unit to an earlier date (Linus)
  • 0000633: [General] Default regeneration settings in StandWise dialogs differs from control table settings (jonare)
  • 0000632: [Control categories] SkipNthPrioritizedTreatmentUnit -> ProbabilitySkipPrioritizedTreatmentUnit (Linus)
  • 0000630: [General] Restoring control table settings fails in StandWise (jonare)
  • 0000629: [Visualisation StandWise] Unable to open 3D-view (Linus)
  • 0000631: [Other] Query error when viewing TreatmentUnit.ForestDomain in result viewer (Linus)
  • 0000628: [General] BiomassMortality contains PredictionUnitBiomass objects with wrong unit (jonare)
  • 0000614: [TPG] Results variables are assigned the wrong category in TPG results-view (Linus)
  • 0000617: [General] Problem with geometries in habitat tool (ring self-intersection) (jonare)
  • 0000616: [General] Error in calculations of data per species (jonare)
  • 0000613: [Project handling] Renaming of projects (Linus)
  • 0000610: [General] Wrong coefficients are used when calculating the tapering of trees. (jonare)
  • 0000597: [RegWise simulation] Invalid basal area growth (jonare)
  • 0000611: [RegWise simulation] Storm mortality volume (jonare)
  • 0000609: [Optimization] Support for CPLEX 22.1.1 (jonare)
  • 0000603: [Growth / production] Stand age increases with 10 years when doing projection for 2 months (Linus)
  • 0000608: [Project handling] Removing keyboard shortcut for deleting projects (jonare)
  • 0000604: [TPG] Inget skötselprogram saknas för bestånd som är kalmark (Linus)
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Released 2023-05-30
  • 0000601: [TPG] Final felling applicability check in Treatment proposal manager is inconsistent with the TPG (Linus)
  • 0000602: [General] Crop Tree Probability assigned to wrong tree (Linus)
  • 0000600: [TPG] Invalid growth calculated when using breeding in very specific nature conservation configurations (Linus)
  • 0000598: [General] Excessive writing to simulation pane (Linus)
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Released 2023-05-30
  • 0000596: [General] Incorrect seed when doing "Rerun simulation" (jonare)
  • 0000595: [General] Dead wood: Decay class change when decomposition rate set to zero (jonare)
  • 0000594: [TPG] Incorrect thinning intensity when doing "Rerun simulation" (Linus)
  • 0000593: [Optimization] Change: Removed ObjFunc from new models (jonare)
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Released 2023-05-18
  • 0000592: [Optimization] CBC solver status codes are handled incorrectly (jonare)
  • 0000591: [Data import] Change: Let users import stand register with EvenAgeCode 0 (jonare)
  • 0000590: [General] EvenAgeData calculated to "Unknown" (jonare)
  • 0000589: [TPG] TPG not completing when using treatment proposals (jonare)
  • 0000588: [TPG] Incorrect order in white checkerboard programs (Linus)
  • 0000586: [Data import] Checkbox not anchored (jonare)
  • 0000570: [Data import] Proportion of Userdefined species is altered in the import (jonare)
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Released 2023-04-25
  • 0000585: [Data import] Plots created in Register Tree Data does not get assigned distanceToCoast. (jonare)
  • 0000584: [Growth / production] Mindre fel i beräkning av SIS för tall på torvmark i norra Sverige (jonare)
  • 0000583: [General] Treatment proposals: TPG may switch over to control category 1 (jonare)
  • 0000580: [General] Negative Forwarder Cost (Linus)
  • 0000579: [Other] Fel vid beräkning av klickar och avverkningskluster (Linus)
  • 0000571: [Optimization] Error when importing model item (jonare)
  • 0000572: [TPG] Inget skötselprogram skapat (Linus)
  • 0000578: [Growth / production] Overstorey Remover for initial regeneration is removed when backing to period 0 (Linus)
  • 0000577: [Growth / production] Breeding effect remains after resetting treatment unit in StandWise (Linus)
  • 0000574: [Optimization] Fel NPV i optimeringsinfo för alternativet MaxNPV (Linus)
  • 0000576: [General] IPAK import: Dead trees assigned to wrong decay class (jonare)
  • 0000573: [General] Mortality calculation sometimes biased towards too few or too many stems (Linus)
  • 0000569: [Data import] Treelist importer ignoring missing InventoryYear (jonare)
  • 0000568: [Control categories] Feature: Add settings for Harvested Wood Products (jonare)
  • 0000567: [Optimization] Small error in the Optimization wizard (jonare)
  • 0000566: [Map plugins] Buffer Dialog returns error in some cases (jonare)
  • 0000565: [Optimization] Selecting a parameter with a removed resultproperty throws exception (jonare)
  • 0000564: [TPG] Tactical TPG: Inconsistent behaviour in time between thinnings and other treatments (Linus)
  • 0000563: [General] Simulation of treelist fails in Register Tree Data (jonare)
  • 0000560: [Control categories] RotationAgeAdjustFactor is not considered when calculating initial state (Linus)
  • 0000561: [Data import] Fel rubrik på fråga "create units for retention patches" vid import av beståndsregister direkt vid skapandet av ett nytt projekt (Linus)
  • 0000581: [General] Fuel wood not collected from natural mortality (jonare)
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Released 2022-11-22
  • 0000557: [Data import] Error when typing too long 'Note' in Stand register importer (Linus)
  • 0000554: [General] Carbon from biomass is not using correct conversion factor (jonare)
  • 0000553: [Optimization] Feature: Add support for Gurobi 10.0 (jonare)
  • 0000552: [Optimization] Feature: Add support for Cplex and CoinOr (jonare)
  • 0000556: [Other] NC Area splitter fails (Linus)
  • 0000555: [Data import] Can't select any folders in tree list importer (Linus)
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Released 2022-09-15
  • 0000547: [Optimization] Change the naming of habitat model tools (jonare)
  • 0000551: [TPG] Incorrectly calculated StemsCut (Linus)
  • 0000523: [Other] Change the naming of function Compute Adjacencies (jonare)
  • 0000550: [Growth / production] Avvikande ålder efter framskrivning (jonare)
  • 0000543: [Data import] Heurekaberäknad volym oväntat låg, tappar 300 m3sk/ha (jonare)
  • 0000548: [General] AlternativeSummary.ManagementSystem sometimes incorrect (Linus)
  • 0000542: [General] Issues with applying treatment proposals when projecting areas (jonare)
  • 0000544: [General] Result variable Harvested Wood Products - CO2 Emission should have unit "tonnes CO2/ha" (jonare)
  • 0000541: [General] Wrong date format in SQL-query when making projection (jonare)
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Released 2022-09-15
  • 0000539: [Optimization] Feature: Add support for Gurobi 9.5 (jonare)
  • 0000538: [RegWise simulation] No treatments on NC units dependent on parents' treatments in checkerboard felling (Linus)
  • 0000537: [General] Bark thickness model unnecessary memory allocations (jonare)
  • 0000536: [RegWise simulation] Show TreatmentUnitExternalData in initial state and simulation results (Linus)
  • 0000533: [Data import] Fel i framskrivning till nytt startdatum om bestånd har överståndare eller naturvårdsträd (jonare)
  • 0000522: [General] Add information regarding which random seed was used (jonare)
  • 0000534: [Visualisation StandWise] Error thrown on screenshot (jonare)
  • 0000516: [General] Soil carbon stock (jonare)
  • 0000535: [General] Total CO2 from HarvestedWoodProducts is wrong (jonare)
  • 0000529: [TPG] Spruce bark beetle index too high (jonare)
  • 0000530: [General] Getting ValueData is slow (jonare)
  • 0000528: [General] Parallelization optimization (jonare)
  • 0000526: [General] Simulation report and optimization info fail to render (jonare)
  • 0000527: [General] When opening a RegWise project with inventory years, the analysis area is not intact (Linus)
  • 0000402: [General] User Submitted Report - Incorrect Syntax (jonare)
  • 0000524: [General] Import Stand Register and Map unhandled exception (jonare)
  • 0000521: [Optimization] Add OptimizationGuid to Optimization info (jonare)
  • 0000520: [Optimization] Remove final felling requirement from cluster parameters (Linus)
  • 0000518: [RegWise simulation] Incorrect regeneration species in RegWise when regenerating due to land use change (Linus)
  • 0000517: [General] Garbage collection change (jonare)
  • 0000515: [RegWise simulation] Volume from removal of overstorey is not included when calculating target final felling volume in RegWise (Linus)
  • 0000514: [General] New result variables: Volume Harvested (Linus)
  • 0000513: [Growth / production] High sapling moose damage will sometimes cause the simulation to stall (Linus)
  • 0000508: [TPG] Creating dead wood from dead trees gives wrong results (jonare)
  • 0000512: [General] "Other area" is not reset when selection changes (jonare)
  • 0000501: [Growth / production] Framskrivning av Ipak-data ger negativ tillväxt (jonare)
  • 0000505: [TPG] Results Types column sort is inconsistent (jonare)
  • 0000510: [Map] Map properties disappear when optimization is changed (Linus)
  • 0000509: [RegWise simulation] Wind throw proportion, mortality volume and biomass incorrectly calculated (Linus)
  • 0000504: [Data import] Areas projected to a future date are lacking some data fields present in the original data (Linus)
  • 0000503: [Data import] New feature: Import data from harvester simulator (Linus)
  • 0000502: [Optimization] Simulation results are incorrectly sorted in RegWise table view (Linus)
  • 0000493: [Optimization] User submitted report - No feasible solution with LPSolve (jonare)
  • 0000525: [RegWise simulation] Stocastic sapling damage incorrectly calculated? (Linus)
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Released 2022-05-17
  • 0000498: [Report generator] Beräkning av kolpoolsförändringar i skogsprodukter (Harvested Wood Products (HWP)) i Heureka (Magnus)
  • 0000497: [Report generator] Bugg when calculating "Biomass Total Extracted Above Ground" and "Biomass Total Extracted incl Stumps and Roots" (Magnus)
  • 0000496: [Report generator] Homogenisera rapportmallarna vad gäller överståndare. (Magnus)
  • 0000482: [Data import] Inforuta polygonareal vid import av åtgärdsförslag (Linus)
  • 0000486: [Map] Risk för namnkonflikter när man exporterar kartor (Magnus)
  • 0000492: [TPG] Feature request: Select multiple domains to display in Initial state (jonare)
  • 0000494: [Report generator] Failure to group optimization results correctly (jonare)
  • 0000491: [Forest Domain Builder] Incorrect property selected in forest domain condition builder (Linus)
  • 0000488: [Other] Standwise NPV calculation fails (Magnus)
  • 0000485: [Data import] Inventory date in stand register file is ingored (Linus)
  • 0000483: [Optimization] Import of external optimization results treats csv:s with comma as decimal sign wrong (Linus)
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Released 2022-03-28
  • 0000484: [Growth / production] Negative Gross growth (Linus)
  • 0000480: [TPG] Error generating tactical treatment programs after initial regeneration (Linus)
  • 0000479: [RegWise simulation] Sapling damage from initial regeneration causes unexpected behaviour (Linus)
  • 0000478: [General] Total Carbon stock and nitrogen not calculated on peat land (Linus)
  • 0000481: [TPG] TPG fails when generating programs on set asides where parent had treatment proposals (Linus)
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Released 2022-03-17
  • 0000476: [General] Even-Aged class in Structural Diversity is never calculated to EvenAged for established stands, only MostlyEvenAged (Linus)
  • 0000474: [Other] Can not use "Report issue" when an exception occurs. 404 error (Linus)
  • 0000473: [Other] Error when opening a project and attempting to update result database (Linus)
  • 0000475: [General] Incorrect coefficient for Spruce Bark Beetle damage risk (Linus)
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Released 2021-11-15
  • 0000472: [Forest Domain Builder] Simulation crashes when a control category is dynamically assigned 0% of stands in period 0 (Linus)
  • 0000471: [Forest Domain Builder] Error when using dynamically assigned control categories (Linus)
  • 0000468: [Control categories] Importing a cost and revenue control table from PlanWise into StandWise removes all control tables (Linus)
  • 0000462: [TPG] Seed trees removed too early in tactical TPG (Linus)
  • 0000465: [Map] Result map show wrong stand age in TreatmentUnitInfo window for tactical TPG result (Linus)
  • 0000467: [Report generator] Varningsruta för "efter-värden i rapportbyggaren" (Thomas)
  • 0000461: [General] Index out of range with additional decomposition in tactical (Linus)
  • 0000460: [TPG] Tactical TPG generates empty programs with incorrect period lengths (Linus)
  • 0000458: [RegWise simulation] No fertilizations performed despite control table settings (Linus)
  • 0000452: [TPG] Biofuel extraction in CCF management is not vorking properly (Linus)
  • 0000453: [Optimization] False message that feasible solution is not found when solving optimization problem with SCIP (Linus)
  • 0000459: [General] Mean Volume Productive Area incorrectly calculated in initial state (Linus)
  • 0000456: [Growth / production] Treatment unit volume is negative when there is also a layer of type 6 (Linus)
  • 0000451: [TPG] TPG generates invalid uneven-aged programs when fertilization policy is active for even-aged management (Linus)
  • 0000455: [Optimization] Cannot open "Import Optimization" interface (Linus)
  • 0000457: [Data import] Linking stand register data to existing stands won't insert rows (Linus)
  • 0000454: [Optimization] Malloc error when building optimization models with cliques and clusters (Linus)
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Released 2021-10-07
  • 0000450: [TPG] Stand is thinned with StemDensityThinningGuide despite stem density is too low (Linus)
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Released 2021-06-22
  • 0000446: [Data import] Irrelevant data checks when importing stand register just for linking to existing area (Linus)
  • 0000445: [Data import] FMPP inventory date is ignored (Linus)
  • 0000447: [Growth / production] Incorrect height growth calculated by Nyströms sapling height growth model (Linus)
  • 0000442: [Optimization] Can not build optimization models with formulas referencing constant value parameters (Linus)
  • 0000440: [General] Program crashes when copying data from optimization results in column view (Linus)
  • 0000441: [Data import] Error when importing stand register with apostrophes in the path (Linus)
  • 0000439: [General] "Vary thinning intensity" is always used, even when the setting is turned off (Linus)
  • 0000438: [Visualisation StandWise] CPU always high in StandWise (Linus)
  • 0000444: [Growth / production] Additionally decomposited dead wood is now moved to the litter pool (Linus)
  • 0000443: [Growth / production] New option to leave high stumps when thinning (Linus)
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Released 2021-05-26
  • 0000434: [General] ForestData.RegenerationSpecies is determined as spruce in a pine-dominated stand (Linus)
  • 0000435: [General] Sometimes no results for ForwarderCost and HarvesterCost (Magnus)
  • 0000433: [Control categories] Thinning restrictions are ignored when using StemDensityThinningGuide (Peder)
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Released 2021-04-22
  • 0000430: [General] Cost calculator plugins does not retain values from their PluginSettings properties (Linus)
  • 0000432: [General] The previously selected treatment unit is not selected again when a project is opened in StandWise (Linus)
  • 0000431: [TPG] Incorrect stems after cleaning when using Treatment Proposals (Magnus)
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Released 2021-02-02
  • 0000418: [General] Null reference exception when simulation stands (Linus)
  • 0000423: [General] No net present value for some treatment programs (Linus)
  • 0000427: [Other] Pricelist file handling does not work properly (Linus)
  • 0000426: [Other] Added pricelist is overwritten (Linus)
  • 0000422: [Map] Some result variables missing when exporting map data in optimization view (Linus)
  • 0000419: [Visualisation StandWise] I visualiseringen visas avverkade träd som torrträd. (Linus)
  • 0000421: [Project handling] Height range for cleaning not loaded properly from saved projects (Linus)
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Released 2020-11-24
  • 0000416: [Data import] Exception when projecting area with stand register column aliases (Linus)
  • 0000413: [Optimization] Add link to Gurobi 9.1 (Peder)
  • 0000398: [General] Exception when using "Project to new start date" (Linus)
  • 0000415: [Data import] Error projecting area after importing from Tree List importer (Linus)
  • 0000405: [General] Null reference exception when building optimization model (Linus)
  • 0000411: [Optimization] Optimization view map show the incorrect map (Linus)
  • 0000403: [General] User Submitted Report - Stand Neighbourhood (Linus)
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Released 2020-11-12
  • 0000399: [Other] Exported CSV files from result view have misaligned columns (Linus)
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Released 2020-10-26
  • 0000397: [Growth / production] Breeding effect not considered when creating start state at 2 m height (jonare)
  • 0000381: [Visualisation StandWise] StandWise geometri i 3D (user14)
  • 0000387: [General] habitatmodeller funkar inte (RegVis) (user14)
  • 0000359: [Other] Habitatmodellerna fungerar inte (user14)
  • 0000390: [TPG] TPG Exception when using "Breeding" and Fertilization (Linus)
  • 0000394: [Data import] Can not import stand with both nature conservation and overstorey layer (Linus)
  • 0000382: [Growth / production] Heureka sets RegenerationSpecies = Pine for a contorta stand (Linus)
  • 0000391: [Other] Bug reporting from error dialogs. (user14)
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Released 2020-09-29
  • 0000365: [TPG] Result variable AlternativeSummary.ManagementSystem set to Unmanaged instead of CCF in managed NC-area (Linus)
  • 0000379: [TPG] TPG can sometimes save multiple identical programs (Linus)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2020-09-24
  • 0000378: [Data import] Unable to import stand registers when splitting NC areas and have left an AreaLevel field empty. (user14)
  • 0000377: [Project handling] Unable to open StandWise projects with a result database having a simulation with a planning horizon of 0. (user14)
  • 0000371: [Data import] Jag kan inte importera NC area som egna bestånd (Linus)
  • 0000376: [Data import] Importing a stand register of a sapling plot that calculates the height to be > 7m causes the import to halt (Linus)
  • 0000375: [Data import] SiteIndex = 0 accepted although data should be used for tree simulation (Linus)
  • 0000373: [Report generator] Report conditions are not applied when grouping on forest domain and showing the results in the same report (Linus)
  • 0000374: [General] Last result variable selection is not loaded when opening a new simulation dialog (Linus)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2020-09-08
  • 0000370: [Other] Certain result variables are not available (Peder)
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Released 2020-08-18
  • 0000362: [RegWise simulation] No selection felling in NC areas (Linus)
  • 0000355: [Data import] Insufficient error message when importing stand register file (Linus)
  • 0000358: [General] Det går inte att visa userdefined under Initial State - Details (user14)
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Released 2020-03-09
  • 0000338: [Other] Interfacet för optimering, textrutor för små, text syns inte. (Linus)
  • 0000280: [TPG] Setting Min Final Felling Period to a large number causes an exception in TPG (Linus)
  • 0000332: [Other] Custom user defined column names should be displayed if applicable, instead of generic "UserDefined" (Linus)
  • 0000337: [Optimization] Saving an optimization model with Opening Size constraints will corrupt the model (Linus)
  • 0000346: [TPG] Wrong breeding effect settings used after removing redundant control table (Linus)
  • 0000350: [Data import] Incorrect row number indicated when there is an error during stand register import (Linus)
  • 0000329: [Data import] Bristfälligt felmeddelande vid import av denna registerfil (Linus)
  • 0000333: [Optimization] Cloning a set or parameter crashes the program (Linus)
  • 0000344: [TPG] Treatment proposal "Remove Overstorey" applied in wrong period and also removes saplings (Linus)
  • 0000347: [Data import] Unable to import stand register where AreaLevel2 is empty. (Linus)
  • 0000351: [TPG] Timeout expection and high memory consumption when running PlanWise TPG (Linus)
  • 0000330: [Optimization] Exception when viewing DiameterClassCuttingData results without Treatment column (Linus)
  • 0000334: [Other] Long standid-names are not displayed in window Optimization Result Details (Linus)
  • 0000342: [RegWise simulation] RegVis creates no NC-areas (Linus)
  • 0000345: [TPG] TPG runtime exception after adding ProductionModel control table to a control category (Linus)
  • 0000349: [Report generator] Results from HabitatModels can not be shown in reports until project restart (Linus)
  • 0000352: [TPG] TPG-exception Incorrect syntax near 'stringvalue' where stringvalue is a text string in a forest domain condition (Linus)
  • 0000343: [Report generator] Arithmetic expressions for report conditions (user14)
18 issues View Issues
Released 2020-03-09
  • 0000325: [Data import] Can not import a stand with overstorey layer and split both layers into its own NC stand (Linus)
  • 0000321: [Project handling] PlanWise tries to deserialize non-existing ConditionalControlTables (user14)
  • 0000327: [Optimization] Can not run Optimization on new tactical simulations (Linus)
  • 0000328: [TPG] Period start instead of midpoint in som TPG-results (Linus)
  • 0000326: [Data import] Stand register importer crashes when importing file with old import format (Linus)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2020-02-20
  • 0000324: [Visualisation StandWise] StandWise renderer encounters an error when handling dead trees. (user14)
  • 0000323: [TPG] TPG-simulator does not save the best alternative (Linus)
  • 0000322: [TPG] FMPP regeneration proposal ignored by TPG if "Apply Treatment Proposals" is checked (Linus)
  • 0000320: [Control categories] Control table selection is lost when changing tabs (Linus)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2020-02-18
  • 0000319: [General] Diameter Class Cutting Data shows duplicate values for all treatments in a period (Linus)
  • 0000318: [TPG] PlanWise crasches when running this FMPP-stand (Linus)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2020-02-08
  • 0000317: [Visualisation StandWise] DirectX11 renderer for StandWise (user14)
  • 0000307: [Other] When trying to remove a subnode analysis area, the entire area is removed (Linus)
  • 0000316: [Report generator] Report viewer shows no data for old simulations when 'Productive Area' is selected (Linus)
  • 0000315: [TPG] Exception when running TPG for FMPP treatment unit (Linus)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2019-10-22
  • 0000261: [TPG] Duplicate programs may be generated in PlanWise if treatment criteria are not met (Linus)
  • 0000265: [Data import] Use date instead of inventory year (Peder)
  • 0000286: [Optimization] Allow user to set the location of temporary optimization files (Linus)
  • 0000288: [Data import] Error when importing FMPP test data set (Peder)
  • 0000292: [Optimization] Duplicate optimizations after performing Habitat model calculation (Linus)
  • 0000293: [Optimization] Habitat models display no name if no Display name is set (Linus)
  • 0000279: [TPG] TPG-error for birch-stand: "Invalid sapling volume, must be >= 0" (Linus)
  • 0000294: [Project handling] Application crashes if an error is raised when importing data during project creation (Linus)
  • 0000282: [General] New default pricelists require recalculation (Linus)
  • 0000283: [TPG] Tactical TPG simulates planting in the wrong period (Linus)
  • 0000278: [Optimization] Optimization list won't update after a new optimization was saved (Linus)
  • 0000291: [HeurekaAPI] Volume and mean age per species differ from those entered in the Heureka API (Linus)
  • 0000284: [Other] Add result variable for sum of dead wood (Peder)
  • 0000285: [Data import] Can not import comma separated tree lists (Linus)
  • 0000290: [Data import] Error when importing stand register with overstorey layer (Peder)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2019-10-22
  • 0000309: [Data import] Cannot enter species code for cleaning and planting treatment proposal (Linus)
  • 0000313: [TPG] Place cursor on new row if "Add New" has been clicked in Conditional Control Tables (user14)
  • 0000314: [Forest Domain Builder] Cannot re-add control table in Conditional Control Tables dialog (user14)
  • 0000311: [Control categories] Conditional control tables form looses data (user14)
  • 0000299: [Forest Domain Builder] Different Forest Domains, Domain Settings and Control Categories can have the same name, which should not be allowed (user14)
  • 0000298: [Forest Domain Builder] Forest Domain "Other" can be copied, which is not allowed (user14)
  • 0000301: [Forest Domain Builder] Two forest domains should not be allowed to be selected at the same time (user14)
  • 0000312: [TPG] Exception in Conditional Control Tables dialog (user14)
  • 0000304: [Data import] Error when importing Forestand xml-file (Linus)
  • 0000308: [Data import] Cleaning and regeneration proposal for FMMP-stand is ignored (Linus)
  • 0000306: [TPG] No treatment program generated for a certain FMPP-stand when Conditional Control Tables is used (Linus)
  • 0000310: [Growth / production] DominantSpecies is broadleaf altough spruce is expected (Peder)
  • 0000297: [Other] Updating optimization result list (Linus)
  • 0000295: [Other] Column TreatmentUnit.AdjustedAreaFactor shows wrong value in InitialState.Details table when using NFI-data (Linus)
  • 0000303: [Control categories] Cloning production model control table doesn't clone Sapling Damage Factors (Linus)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2019-01-31
  • 0000257: [TPG] Volume function for larch returns negative value for trees with large diameter or height. Solution: Use pine function if dbh >50 (Peder)
  • 0000276: [Data import] Can not simulate initial state for stands where Inventory year is lower than other historic treatments (Linus)
  • 0000277: [Other] Plugins can now have custom settings (Linus)
  • 0000258: [General] Trees in StandWise remain selected for treatment after deselection if "stepping back in time"? (Linus)
  • 0000255: [General] (RegWise) Alternative summary and Treatment Data results not display in results table view (Linus)
  • 0000267: [TPG] "Object reference" fel i TPG (Linus)
  • 0000254: [Control categories] "RetentionTime in Nature conservation was moved.." message is displayed although project has been updated (Linus)
  • 0000260: [Data import] Young stand simulated when an established stand was expected (due to error in stand register record) (Linus)
  • 0000269: [TPG] B3-plots are not regenerated when final felling in period 0 (Linus)
  • 0000256: [TPG] For some stands no tactical program are created if a strategic optimized plan is used as input (Linus)
  • 0000271: [Other] Changed pulpwood max diameter is reset to default (Linus)
  • 0000264: [General] Improve threading performance when calculating pricelists (Linus)
  • 0000259: [General] Pasting values into timber pricelist puts 0 in last column (Linus)
  • 0000244: [TPG] No stump harvest when changing control category between generations (Linus)
  • 0000250: [Data import] Simulated young stand completely different from input data (Linus)
  • 0000268: [TPG] Generation in Result is always 0 (Linus)
  • 0000272: [Optimization] Optimization result and solver meta data mixed in the same output window (Linus)
  • 0000275: [Project handling] Remove prompt asking about where to save pricelist, when it's not needed (Linus)
  • 0000270: [Control categories] Control table parameters not displayed in Simple View (Linus)
  • 0000263: [Optimization] Optimization model syntax-highlight does not work if blank space is missing (user14)
  • 0000262: [Optimization] Allow copying of parameter of constant or formula type in optimization model (user14)
21 issues View Issues
Released 2019-01-31
  • 0000249: [RegWise simulation] Application crashes when loading prediction units with treatment history (Linus)
  • 0000248: [Optimization] If objective function label is not "ObjFunc", then objective function value is not saved with optimization result (Linus)
  • 0000245: [Data import] Prompted for "Create NC-areas?" twice during same import (Linus)
  • 0000242: [Optimization] Cannot compile model with an incorrect Area Type (Linus)
  • 0000251: [Data import] Incorrect column mappings when importing Stand Registers (Linus)
  • 0000064: [Optimization] Error when adding StandObjectData.PropContorta etc to optimization model (Linus)
  • 0000243: [TPG] Takes verý long time to cancel TPG simulation (Linus)
  • 0000241: [Project handling] Cannot change selected ingrowth species (Linus)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2019-01-07
  • 0000239: [TPG] Fel i prislista med pristrend (Linus)
  • 0000238: [TPG] TPG Exception (Linus)
  • 0000237: [Data import] Värden mappas till fel kolumner (Linus)
  • 0000235: [Optimization] Can not save CSV in optimization results column view (Linus)
  • 0000236: [Project handling] When selecting entire areas, initial state will be calculated multiple times (Linus)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2018-05-18
  • 0000212: [TPG] Thinning Period Delay Generation 2 only applied from generation 3 onward (Linus)
  • 0000213: [TPG] Treatment program generator tests alternatives with invalid thinning periods (Linus)
  • 0000214: [TPG] Enforced thinning sometimes applied even if a valid thinning period is found (Linus)
  • 0000211: [TPG] Youngs stands not thinned in first harvest period even if thinning criteria met (Peder)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2018-05-18
  • 0000234: [RegWise simulation] Changing database will disable selection of inventory years (Linus)
  • 0000223: [Control categories] ManagementSystem result sometimes lacks value (Linus)
  • 0000231: [Project handling] Opening the database name combo box closes it immediatelly (Linus)
  • 0000224: [Other] Pricelist name changes are not saved (Linus)
  • 0000230: [Optimization] MissingValueSubstitute is redundant in optimization model (Linus)
  • 0000232: [General] Path in Path Settings not used for some features (Linus)
  • 0000228: [Forest Domain Builder] Trying to cancel deletion of control category seemingly fails (Linus)
  • 0000233: [Other] Program crashes if user lacks write permission on custom Common directory (Linus)
  • 0000225: [TPG] Exception and suspected error in NPV-calculation in tactical TPG (Linus)
  • 0000229: [Other] Zips fails to be extracted (Linus)
  • 0000217: [RegWise simulation] Even if all random seeds are set to fixed value, unexpected differences between simulation occur (Linus)
  • 0000227: [TPG] No harvest revenues are reported if a schedule includes biofuel thinning (Peder)
  • 0000226: [Control categories] Reference error when loading multiple control tables of the same type from file (Linus)
  • 0000216: [RegWise simulation] "Show simulation report" that displays simulation settings is not available in RegWise (Linus)
  • 0000218: [Project handling] Application throws error message when double clicking project from Windows Explorer (Linus)
  • 0000219: [Project handling] Loading previous databases locks the GUI (Linus)
  • 0000220: [Optimization] Incorrect solver finished message for some solvers (Linus)
  • 0000221: [Project handling] Random seeds in too many different locations (Linus)
  • 0000215: [Other] Rerun simulations doesn't calculate alternatives for unmanaged treatment units (Linus)
19 issues View Issues
Released 2018-02-13
  • 0000178: [Optimization] Save optimization result metadata (Linus)
  • 0000188: [Other] Clone and Split NC Area menu item can be selected without a project loaded (Linus)
  • 0000187: [Other] Exception when splitting treatment units (Linus)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2018-02-08
  • 0000186: [Project handling] "CONCAT" error message when opening project
  • 0000185: [Growth / production] Program hangs when running simulation
2 issues View Issues
Released 2018-02-08
  • 0000195: [Growth / production] Inconsistent growth in StandWise (Linus)
  • 0000191: [Map] Error "Invald column name..." when saving shapefile (Linus)
  • 0000202: [Control categories] No pricelists selected after adding cost control table from file (Linus)
  • 0000203: [Control categories] Control table file name should be added so user can separate different versions (Linus)
  • 0000206: [TPG] Rerun of simulations for unmanaged stands ignored period midth (Linus)
  • 0000207: [TPG] Print tree list during rerun of simulation crashes the program for large simulations (Linus)
  • 0000189: [General] Price trend handler may start unnecessary recalculation (Linus)
  • 0000210: [Other] StandWise hangs when selecting properties (Linus)
  • 0000199: [Optimization] Spara del av optimeringsmodell (Linus)
  • 0000208: [TPG] Add a button that allows the user to select species of trees to print to log (Linus)
  • 0000205: [TPG] Initial state mean age for young plantation set to 0 after TPG (Peder)
  • 0000198: [TPG] Initial bare land is not regenerated when rerunning a simulation when using NFI-data plots as input data (Linus)
  • 0000204: [Data import] User should be notified when column names are wrong in tree list import files (Linus)
  • 0000192: [Visualisation StandWise] Adding a DEM (Digitial Elevation Model) in StandWise results in an index error. (Linus)
  • 0000201: [Other] Error when saving and loading default result variables in result variable selection dialog (Linus)
  • 0000197: [Growth / production] Skip pricelist for biofuel thinning and assume all felled trees are bio fuel (Linus)
16 issues View Issues
Released 2017-12-06
  • 0000153: [Optimization] Thousand symbol separator inserted and interpreted as decimal symbol in optimization model (Peder)
  • 0000154: [Control categories] Tree retention dialog does not open (Peder)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2017-12-06
  • 0000160: [Map] Exception when exporting result map (Linus)
  • 0000155: [Report generator] Add height class diagram type to StandWise (Peder)
  • 0000159: [TPG] NC-areas created during rerun of simulation do not get added to the optimization (Linus)
  • 0000158: [Map plugins] Plugin for creating varying-width bufferzones based on water protection classification gives unexpected results (Peder)
  • 0000162: [TPG] DeadWoodData initial distribution incorrectly calculated (Linus)
  • 0000156: [Report generator] Improve design of histograms in StandWise (Peder)
  • 0000163: [Other] Excel process remains running after program is closed (Linus)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2017-11-10
  • 0000135: [Data import] Användarspecificerade namn på UserDefinedVariable1-10 (Linus)
  • 0000157: [Report generator] Enable copy of charts from StandWise to Excel (Linus)
  • 0000180: [Project handling] Cannot load imported StandWise project if the database is not found (Linus)
  • 0000184: [Other] Initial State details table view empty after clicking Update-button when using FMPP-data (Linus)
  • 0000181: [TPG] Tree retention fails in selection felling (Linus)
  • 0000183: [TPG] No tree retention when performing selection felling as a treatment proposal (Linus)
  • 0000182: [Forest Domain Builder] LandUse conditions in forest domain results in exception (Linus)
  • 0000161: [Map] Save map settings between sessions (Linus)
  • 0000179: [Other] Restart application (Linus)
  • 0000168: [Map] Map info-window shows stand age instead of mean diameter (Peder)
  • 0000176: [Optimization] Add solver status to message after solving model (Linus)
  • 0000174: [Optimization] An optimization model item that is excluded should trigger a warning if it is included in an active definition (Peder)
  • 0000169: [Optimization] Add support for Gurobi 7.5 and Mosek 8.1 (Peder)
  • 0000167: [TPG] "Index was out of range" exception when applying treatment proposal in tactical TPG (Linus)
  • 0000166: [Data import] All previous treatment proposals are removed when importing a new treatment proposal file (Linus)
  • 0000171: [Project handling] Error when applying project template (Linus)
  • 0000175: [Optimization] Induced optimization model invalidity not notified (Linus)
  • 0000173: [Map] Added WMTS-map service not saved (Linus)
  • 0000172: [Map] Error when adding WMTS map service (Linus)
  • 0000164: [Map plugins] Must hit "Cancel" three times to cancel adding of web map (Linus)
  • 0000177: [General] Exception after removing forest area in StandWise (Linus)
  • 0000100: [Optimization] LP_Solve cannot be aborted (Linus)
22 issues View Issues
Released 2017-09-29
  • 0000136: [TPG] Fel efter tvingande gallring, (Linus)
  • 0000124: [Map] OutOfMemory in Map View (Linus)
  • 0000131: [Help documentation] Documentation for installing and using PlanEvalWeb (Peder)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2017-09-29
  • 0000147: [Report generator] Optimization Results > Details > Select Results sparas inte för projektet (Linus)
  • 0000125: [Map] Map reprojects twice when changing projection (Linus)
  • 0000128: [Data import] "Description" errors when importing treatment proposals (Linus)
  • 0000062: [Data import] Spara filnamn importerat beståndsregister (Linus)
  • 0000083: [Other] Stratification routine hangs (Linus)
  • 0000134: [TPG] Lurig Regeneration Settings (Linus)
  • 0000132: [Data import] Treatment proposals can not be imported for treatment unit (Linus)
  • 0000138: [PlanEval] Contact page (Linus)
  • 0000144: [PlanEval] Fix confusing UI when configuring value in PlanEval (Peder)
  • 0000133: [General] Result variable AlternativeSummaryData.SoilExpectationValue has no unit label (Linus)
  • 0000148: [PlanEval] Links to SHa:s homepage from About-form in PlanEvalWeb are broken (Peder)
  • 0000141: [General] Cannot remove previous StandNeighbourhood results if too many rows are present (Linus)
  • 0000140: [Map] Map export fails when some treatment units are excluded from simulation (Linus)
  • 0000146: [Optimization] StandNeighbour preview window doesn't update after calculation (Linus)
  • 0000145: [Optimization] Wrong help text when selecting TPG-simulation for optimization, and seemingly possible to select more than one simulation (Peder)
  • 0000142: [Forest Domain Builder] Creating a forest domain from the selected stands adds it to the first domain template instead of the selected template (Linus)
  • 0000137: [Growth / production] BreedingLevel = None vid plantering trots aktivering av förädlat material (Linus)
  • 0000120: [Map] Map crashes occasionally when changing projection (Linus)
  • 0000143: [Forest Domain Builder] Exception loading treatment units when creating a new forest domain (Linus)
  • 0000130: [PlanEval] Tabellvy för användargrupper trunkerad (Linus)
  • 0000152: [Growth / production] Height growth reduction less than expected in pine plantation when enforcing high levels of moose damage (Peder)
  • 0000149: [Map] Common border length calculation incorrect when polygons touch in more than one sequence (Linus)
  • 0000151: [Optimization] Areal-parameter i optimeringsmodellen ska peka på AdjustedAreaFactor (Peder)
  • 0000127: [PlanEval] Add "Forgot password" function to PlanEvalWeb (Linus)
24 issues View Issues
Released 2017-09-05
  • 0000115: [Data import] Importer stand register file name displayed instead of decription (Linus)
  • 0000116: [TPG] Control category numbers change from one simulation to the next (Linus)
  • 0000117: [Map] Result map not displayed after optimization (Linus)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2017-04-21
  • 0000105: [Other] The OK-button appears/disappears when changing the size of the Select Results dialog (Peder)
  • 0000104: [TPG] TPG Error for treatment unit 343024: Invalid growth of height value, must be >= 0 (Linus)
  • 0000106: [Other] Shallow copy of SpeciesCollection instead of deep clone (Peder)
  • 0000107: [TPG] Exception when running "Rerun simulation" (Peder)
  • 0000096: [RegWise simulation] Exception when simulating AreaExtentForestFuelThinning = 100% (Peder)
  • 0000112: [Map plugins] Webmap plugin not working (Linus)
  • 0000097: [Optimization] Do not allow deletion of MaxNPV-default solution (Linus)
  • 0000099: [Optimization] Do not remove the possibility to solve an already built optimization problem (Linus)
  • 0000108: [TPG] Result variable DgHarvest per species deselected (Linus)
  • 0000113: [Map] Polygon becomes invalid after import (Linus)
  • 0000110: [Map] Fix field names when exporting map (Linus)
  • 0000102: [Other] Remove common border length pairs (Linus)
  • 0000111: [Map] Include projection when exporting map (Peder)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2017-01-16
  • 0000092: [Map] Label transparency not working (Linus)
  • 0000094: [TPG] Tactial TPG does not give expected treatment schedule (Linus)
  • 0000101: [Other] Database error when calculating common border length for very large dataset (pst)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2017-01-14
  • 0000075: [Growth / production] Harvest residues extracted in RegWise altough allowed area is zero (Linus)
  • 0000071: [Data import] Exception when calculating simulating trees when using Norwegian models (Peder)
  • 0000076: [Growth / production] Usage of control table parameter AreaExtentStump is not implemented (Peder)
  • 0000077: [Forest Domain Builder] Treatment unit assigned to control category that have TargetArea = 0% (Peder)
  • 0000069: [General] Application crashes when trying to add price trende for same treatment twice (Peder)
  • 0000053: [Map] When using map pan tool the theme layer is removed (Linus)
  • 0000066: [Growth / production] Foliage should be subtracted from branch biomass in Marklund's biomass model (Peder)
  • 0000078: [TPG] No NC-set aside for EdgeZone stand that should be managed as independent stand (Linus)
  • 0000060: [TPG] Treatment result indicates cleaning although no cleaning has been done (Linus)
  • 0000068: [Forest Domain Builder] RegWise crashes when deleting a cell value in kolumn TargetArea in Control Category Connections. (Peder)
  • 0000072: [Data import] Decimal value accepted as VegetationTypeCode (Linus)
  • 0000065: [Data import] No stand registers are listed in form Simulate Tree Lists (Linus)
  • 0000058: [Map] Map extent jumps sideways when changing map projection first time (Linus)
  • 0000052: [Map] Heureka thematic map (Linus)
  • 0000057: [Map] Map error when showing thematic map after changing projection (Linus)
  • 0000079: [TPG] No breeding effekt for initial regeneration (Linus)
  • 0000084: [Map] Result map zooms out when changing period (pst)
17 issues View Issues
Released 2016-09-14
  • 0000055: [Data import] Expception when removing a treatment proposal row (Linus)
  • 0000049: [Map] Program should ask for projection when importing a forest map without projection file (Peder)
  • 0000044: [Data import] Creation of many TreatmentUnits skipped when importing stand register (Linus)
  • 0000041: [Report generator] Fel i beräkning av medelvärde (Linus)
  • 0000059: [Map plugins] Exception when running BufferZones plugin (Peder)
  • 0000050: [Map] Selecting an area node with a different projection that the current map projection should raise question (Linus)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2016-05-30
  • 0000004: [Report generator] Feature request: Contex-menu for changing type of opened chart in StandWise (Linus)
  • 0000029: [TPG] Slutavverkning år 50 trots att åtgärdsförslaget anger år 45 (Linus)
  • 0000018: [TPG] Treatment proposals for fertilization not scheduled as defined (Linus)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2016-04-14
  • 0000013: [Growth / production] Wrong PlotType (Linus)
  • 0000014: [General] Error when calculating initial state (Linus)
  • 0000010: [General] Lärk ej valbart i röjnings- och gallringsinställningar (Linus)
  • 0000009: [Growth / production] Invalid height growth exception (Linus)
  • 0000016: [TPG] TPG smulates 35 periods under certain conditions when treatment proposal is applied (Linus)
  • 0000021: [General] Add Management System as result variable (Linus)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2015-12-28
  • 0000006: [General] Exception when opening RegWise-project (Linus)
  • 0000011: [General] Tillåt Regeneration Species som föryngringsträdslag (Linus)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2015-11-25
  • 0000005: [General] Selecting LocalDb as database server raises error Initial catalog value cannot be null (Linus)
  • 0000002: [Growth / production] Negative soil carbon stock in period 0 (Peder)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2020-11-24
  • 0000412: [General] Exception when running TPG from a projected start state (Linus)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2020-09-24
  • 0000369: [General] Verify that high stumps do not end up in the soil model. (user14)
  • 0000380: [General] Test report internal activity (Peder)
2 issues View Issues