Scheduled For Release 2023-08-17
  • 0000638: [TPG] If a prediction unit has treatment proposals (from IPAK) no other proposals will be applied
  • 0000606: [Growth / production] Sapling damage not deterministic
  • 0000648: [Growth / production] Dead Wood Decay class 4 retains dead wood under density threshold (Linus)
  • 0000607: [Data import] Fel vid simulering av trädlista för bestånd när slutet på ungskogsfas (Linus)
  • 0000646: [TPG] Incorrect Control Category in TreatmentUnit during TPG (Linus)
  • 0000645: [RegWise simulation] Some data missing in Monte Carlo simulations (Linus)
  • 0000644: [General] Treatment.ThinningType is incorrectly calculated in StandWise (Linus)
  • 0000643: [Other] Litter log not being written (Linus)
  • 0000641: [TPG] Treatment proposals with treatments within the same year does not work (Linus)
  • 0000642: [General] Optimization results details display duplicate (Linus)
  • 0000639: [Growth / production] In rare cases a Prediction Unit is not updated after trees are removed (jonare)
  • 0000605: [General] Total volume in initial state labeled as m3sk/ha (jonare)
  • 0000637: [General] StandWise project fails to load due to diagram deserialization error (jonare)
  • 0000635: [General] Retained trees are lost when projecting an area to a future date (Linus)
  • 0000634: [General] Error projecting a treatment unit to an earlier date (Linus)
  • 0000633: [General] Default regeneration settings in StandWise dialogs differs from control table settings (jonare)
  • 0000632: [Control categories] SkipNthPrioritizedTreatmentUnit -> ProbabilitySkipPrioritizedTreatmentUnit (Linus)
  • 0000630: [General] Restoring control table settings fails in StandWise (jonare)
  • 0000629: [Visualisation StandWise] Unable to open 3D-view (Linus)
  • 0000631: [Other] Query error when viewing TreatmentUnit.ForestDomain in result viewer (Linus)
  • 0000628: [General] BiomassMortality contains PredictionUnitBiomass objects with wrong unit (jonare)
  • 0000613: [Project handling] Renaming of projects (Linus)
  • 0000612: [Growth / production] Incorrect relative age (Linus)
  • 0000610: [General] Wrong coefficients are used when calculating the tapering of trees. (jonare)
  • 0000611: [RegWise simulation] Storm mortality volume (jonare)
  • 0000609: [Optimization] Support for CPLEX 22.1.1 (jonare)
  • 0000603: [Growth / production] Stand age increases with 10 years when doing projection for 2 months (Linus)
  • 0000608: [Project handling] Removing keyboard shortcut for deleting projects (jonare)
  • 0000604: [TPG] Inget skötselprogram saknas för bestånd som är kalmark (Linus)
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Heureka - 3.0.0

Scheduled For Release 2024-06-13
  • 0000467: [Report generator] Varningsruta för "efter-värden i rapportbyggaren" (Thomas)
  • 0000299: [Forest Domain Builder] Different Forest Domains, Domain Settings and Control Categories can have the same name, which should not be allowed (user14)
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