Scheduled For Release 2024-01-24
  • 0000670: [TPG] Conditions for categories without treatment programs in Tactical TPG (cilwan)
  • 0000659: [General] StandWise fails to load textures (cilwan)
  • 0000698: [Data import] Add management class K (jonare)
  • 0000697: [Map plugins] Feature: New map plugin Select Intersecting Polygons (jonare)
  • 0000695: [TPG] CAI Net differs from expected value in periods following treatments with harvest (jonare)
  • 0000696: [TPG] Management System not set to CheckerBoard in Alternative Summary (jonare)
  • 0000693: [TPG] Very small differences in financial values between TPG and Rerun Simulation (jonare)
  • 0000694: [TPG] Treatment proposals: If Thinning intensity/grade is not set the default value of 0.35 is used (jonare)
  • 0000681: [General] SQL Timeout when generating treelists for very large stand registers (jonare)
  • 0000680: [TPG] Rerun simulation fails to load alternatives (jonare)
  • 0000686: [TPG] Stands with historic regeneration are regenerated in period 0 (jonare)
  • 0000687: [TPG] Stands with historic regeneration are reset when Treatment Proposals are present (jonare)
  • 0000688: [TPG] Historic regenerations are ignored by treatmentproposals (jonare)
  • 0000684: [TPG] Very small differences in financial values between TPG and Rerun Simulation (jonare)
  • 0000678: [Control categories] Add a control category's number as a browsable property (jonare)
  • 0000677: [Optimization] Loading and saving old models with removed ResultProperty fails (jonare)
  • 0000674: [Forest Domain Builder] Add "Contains" and "BeginsWith" conditionals in domain builder (jonare)
  • 0000673: [TPG] Stochastic mortality does not calculate mortality per stem (jonare)
  • 0000672: [Map] Heureka cannot import point geometries. (jonare)
  • 0000671: [TPG] Spin-up for initial soil carbon use wrong species in some cases (jonare)
  • 0000665: [TPG] Tactial TPG generates treatments even though cc == unmanaged (cilwan)
  • 0000668: [TPG] Net Present Value is miscalculated if there is a thinning in the last period (jonare)
  • 0000667: [TPG] Tactical TPG uses enforced thinnings for second thinnings (jonare)
  • 0000663: [TPG] Tactical TPG includes TUs that will not be felled or thinned (cilwan)
  • 0000664: [TPG] Height settings in Control table ignored in tactical TPG (cilwan)
  • 0000652: [General] "Copy table" does not copy the full table (cilwan)
  • 0000655: [General] Mean "Bonitet" displayed in initial state is incorrectly labeled as m3sk/ha (cilwan)
  • 0000662: [Project handling] Error is thrown when displaying initial state if project has a missing in-database (jonare)
  • 0000692: [TPG] Result variable Thinning Intensity does not include understorey cleaning (jonare)
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Heureka - 3.0.0

Scheduled For Release 2024-06-13
  • 0000467: [Report generator] Varningsruta för "efter-värden i rapportbyggaren" (Thomas)
  • 0000299: [Forest Domain Builder] Different Forest Domains, Domain Settings and Control Categories can have the same name, which should not be allowed (user14)
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