Scheduled For Release 2016-04-14
0000036: [Map] Map do not show when restarting project (pst)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-01-16
0000093: [Map plugins] DotSpatial-dll:som installeras är av gammalt datum (Linus)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-09-05
0000139: [PlanEval] "Det finns redan en öppen DataReader som har associerats med Command" (Linus)
0000133: [General] Result variable AlternativeSummaryData.SoilExpectationValue has no unit label (Linus)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-09-29
0000129: [PlanEval] Wrong labels in PlanEvalWeb (Linus)
0000083: [Other] Stratification routine hangs (Linus)
0000132: [Data import] Treatment proposals can not be imported for treatment unit (Linus)
0000136: [TPG] Fel efter tvingande gallring, (Linus)
0000141: [General] Cannot remove previous StandNeighbourhood results if too many rows are present (Linus)
0000140: [Map] Map export fails when some treatment units are excluded from simulation (Linus)
0000146: [Optimization] StandNeighbour preview window doesn't update after calculation (Linus)
0000142: [Forest Domain Builder] Creating a forest domain from the selected stands adds it to the first domain template instead of the selected template (Linus)
0000137: [Growth / production] BreedingLevel = None vid plantering trots aktivering av förädlat material (Linus)
0000143: [Forest Domain Builder] Exception loading treatment units when creating a new forest domain (Linus)
0000130: [PlanEval] Tabellvy för användargrupper trunkerad (Linus)
0000149: [Map] Common border length calculation incorrect when polygons touch in more than one sequence (Linus)
0000131: [Help documentation] Documentation for installing and using PlanEvalWeb (Peder)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-11-10
0000170: [General] Overview table in the Initial State-window disappears (PlanWise) (Linus)
0000178: [Optimization] Save optimization result metadata (Linus)
0000157: [Report generator] Enable copy of charts from StandWise to Excel (Linus)
0000180: [Project handling] Cannot load imported StandWise project if the database is not found (Linus)
0000184: [Other] Initial State details table view empty after clicking Update-button when using FMPP-data (Linus)
0000181: [TPG] Tree retention fails in selection felling (Linus)
0000183: [TPG] No tree retention when performing selection felling as a treatment proposal (Linus)
0000161: [Map] Save map settings between sessions (Linus)
0000179: [Other] Restart application (Linus)
0000176: [Optimization] Add solver status to message after solving model (Linus)
0000174: [Optimization] An optimization model item that is excluded should trigger a warning if it is included in an active definition (Peder)
0000169: [Optimization] Add support for Gurobi 7.5 and Mosek 8.1 (Peder)
0000165: [TPG] Timeout when running tactical TPG (Linus)
0000166: [Data import] All previous treatment proposals are removed when importing a new treatment proposal file (Linus)
0000171: [Project handling] Error when applying project template (Linus)
0000175: [Optimization] Induced optimization model invalidity not notified (Linus)
0000172: [Map] Error when adding WMTS map service (Linus)
0000164: [Map plugins] Must hit "Cancel" three times to cancel adding of web map (Linus)
0000177: [General] Exception after removing forest area in StandWise (Linus)
0000160: [Map] Exception when exporting result map (Linus)
0000155: [Report generator] Add height class diagram type to StandWise (Peder)
0000159: [TPG] NC-areas created during rerun of simulation do not get added to the optimization (Linus)
0000158: [Map plugins] Plugin for creating varying-width bufferzones based on water protection classification gives unexpected results (Peder)
0000162: [TPG] DeadWoodData initial distribution incorrectly calculated (Linus)
0000156: [Report generator] Improve design of histograms in StandWise (Peder)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-02-08
0000186: [Project handling] "CONCAT" error message when opening project
0000185: [Growth / production] Program hangs when running simulation
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Scheduled For Release 2018-02-08
0000191: [Map] Error "Invald column name..." when saving shapefile (Linus)
0000193: [TPG] NPV different when rerunning simulation for stand where NC-areas have been created (Linus)
0000202: [Control categories] No pricelists selected after adding cost control table from file (Linus)
0000203: [Control categories] Control table file name should be added so user can separate different versions (Linus)
0000206: [TPG] Rerun of simulations for unmanaged stands ignored period midth (Linus)
0000207: [TPG] Print tree list during rerun of simulation crashes the program for large simulations (Linus)
0000209: [Installation] Exception in StandWise if neither PlanWise or RegWise has been run due to missing habitat model files. (Peder)
0000210: [Other] StandWise hangs when selecting properties (Linus)
0000199: [Optimization] Spara del av optimeringsmodell (Linus)
0000208: [TPG] Add a button that allows the user to select species of trees to print to log (Linus)
0000205: [TPG] Initial state mean age for young plantation set to 0 after TPG (Peder)
0000204: [Data import] User should be notified when column names are wrong in tree list import files (Linus)
0000197: [Growth / production] Skip pricelist for biofuel thinning and assume all felled trees are bio fuel (Linus)
0000190: [Other] List all local SQL instances (Linus)
0000188: [Other] Clone and Split NC Area menu item can be selected without a project loaded (Linus)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-02-13
0000189: [General] Price trend handler may start unnecessary recalculation (Linus)
0000201: [Other] Error when saving and loading default result variables in result variable selection dialog (Linus)
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Scheduled For Release 2023-06-13
0000467: [Report generator] Varningsruta för "efter-värden i rapportbyggaren" (Thomas)
0000299: [Forest Domain Builder] Different Forest Domains, Domain Settings and Control Categories can have the same name, which should not be allowed (user14)
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