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0000597HeurekaRegWise simulationpublic2023-09-01 10:20
Reporterjonare Assigned Tojonare  
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Product Version2.21.2 
Fixed in Version2.22.0 
Summary0000597: Invalid basal area growth
DescriptionIn some very specific cases a negative basal area growth is calculated.
Steps To ReproduceSee email from Anders Lundström. For me the stand is 2016 4602 4041, but it only occurred when running a simulation for the whole of Sweden.
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2023-08-08 14:21

administrator   ~0000568

In StandGrowthElfving2009:
The TreeCollection used in CommonData only has 1 tree and it's invalid (from pUnit.Trees.TreesOnly). The age is then calculated to 0 which leads to barrdga = NaN.

I'm confused as to why TreesCollections Valid, Invalid, and TreesOnly seem inconsistent.

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