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Summary0000700: User Submitted Report
DescriptionEmail from: Bugtracker Heureka <>

Originally sent by: Patrik Ulvdal<>

Vore bra om man kunde använda booleanska uttryck.

--- Exception ---
Slu.Heureka.BaseLayer.Script.ScriptException: At row 1, column 56:
Encountered unknown token "<".

--- Stack Trace ---
   at Slu.Heureka.BaseLayer.Script.Lexer.classify(String stringToken, NumberFormatInfo nfi, Int32 row, Int32 column)
   at Slu.Heureka.BaseLayer.Script.Lexer.finalizeToken(List`1 result, LexerState state, Int32 row, Int32 column)
   at Slu.Heureka.BaseLayer.Script.Lexer.Tokenize(String text, NumberFormatInfo nfi)
   at Slu.Heureka.DomainLayer.Forest.ConditionLHSExpression..ctor(String expression, ResultCollection variables)
   at Slu.Heureka.DomainLayer.Forest.UI.ComposeExpressionDialog.Validate()
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