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0000606HeurekaGrowth / productionpublic2023-10-10 08:24
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Product Version2.21.3 
Target Version2.22.0 
Summary0000606: Sapling damage not deterministic
DescriptionThe random seed used when assigning sapling damage in deterministic projections depends on the generated GUID of the prediction unit and the current period.
Additional InformationThis is fine in what I imagine to be almost all user cases. However, when importing a stand register unique GUIDs are generated, which will lead to small and very confusing differences between simulations.
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2023-10-10 08:24

administrator   ~0000585

Change line 115 in SaplingDamageSimulator.cs to something like rnd = new Random(pUnit.SiteData.VariableX.GetHashCode() + pUnit.SiteData.VariableY.GetHashCode() + pUnit.SiteData.VariableZ.GetHashCode() + _currentPeriod);

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