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Usage: The county code is used in some growth functions.
Import to Heureka:
Version 2.1.0 (to be published in August 2014) and later does not require you to supply the climate code in case you provide coordinates in the stand register import file, or if you use FMPP data and coordinates are included there. If you do supply the climate code, it will be used, irrespective of entered coordinates.
Shapefile: You can download the GIS-file (shapefile or ArcMAP layer file) from here: Heureka FTP-server

Name: ClimateCode
Description: Climate code according to the Swedish NFI-classification (KLIMAT)
I/O: Input variable
Membership: Reference unit
Type: real/integer/enum
Unit/values: 1 = M1 Maritime, West coast

2 = M2 Maritime, East coast
3 = M3 Maritime, Mountain range
4 = K1 Continental, Middle Sweden
5 = K2 Continental, Northern Sweden
6 = K3 Continental, Southern Sweden

Database table: dbo.ReferenceUnit

Climatic regions