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Heureka Helpdoc

You can find instructions on how to install SQL Server and Heureka here:

Run StandWise

  1. Start StandWise (from Start > Program > SLU).
  2. Run the StandWise tutorial.
  3. For more information, see User's guide to StandWise.

Run PlanWise

  1. Starta PlanWise (from Start > Program > SLU).
  2. Run the PlanWise tutorial.
  3. För mer info se User's guide to PlanWise.

Availability and Support

Freely available
The software is free and can be downloaded from the Internet: Download and register
Skogliga hållbarhetsanalyser at SLU is responsible for maintaining the system.
Get help
There is no dedicated personal support available. To get help, try the following:
- Technical support:
The Heureka system is a very complex system and we recommend attending one of the annual Heureka courses at SLU. Usage support availability is limited and we respond to questions when we can find the time.
Please report bugs and errors to
- Academic support:
and related analyst services within research projects can be provided. Consider involving SHa already in the application stage, both for task planning and financing matters (especially when new functionality needs development efforts). Requests and proposals on academic support and collaboration can be directed to .
Laborious support matters will be charged or require academic collaboration (including supervising of thesis works or co-authorship).
- Commercial support:
Requests and quotes on commercial support can also be directed to Time taken overshooting one work hour will be charged at a consultancy rate of 1200 SEK per hour, VAT not included.
Service Level Agreements ensuring support availability upon request within an agreed time frame can be arranged, please contact the SHa Program Manager for further details.
Registered users
As a registered user you get newsletters about upgrades, etc.