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This result group contains: Calculated biomass contents per species and tree fraction.


There are three result groups that that involve biomass:

  1. Biomass Results: Biomass of living trees and roots.
  2. Financial Value Results: In this group you can find biomass extracted as biofuel in harvesting operations (from harvest residues). The reason for the results placed in this group is technical; the results depend on how the bucking of trees is done.
  3. Treatment Results: Biomass of cut trees, not necessarily extracted whether as biofuel or timber. Biomass of trees cut in precommercial thinning (cleaning) can be found here.


All units are given in tonnes dry matter per hectare (ton DM/ha), expect Wood Density Trees which is given at kg/dm3sk.


Variable name Description
Biomass Above Ground All Species Biomass of trees above ground, excluding stump
Biomass Below Ground All Species Biomass below ground (stumps and roots), including stumps with a height corresponding to 1 % of the tree height
Biomass Fractions All Species
Biomass Bark All Species Biomass bark for all species
Biomass Branches All Species Biomass of living braanches for all species. Foliage NOT included.
Biomiass Dead Branches All Species Biomass of dead branches for all species
Biomass Foliage All Species Biomass of needles and leafs for all species
Biomass Roots 2-5 rnm All Species Biomass of roits with diameter 2-4.9 mm
Biomass Stems All Species Biomass of tree truncs (excluding stump, see above), excluding bark
Biomass Stump and Roots ≥ 5mm All Species Biomass of stump and roots with diameter ≥ 5 mm
Biomass Total All Species Sum of fractions for all species
Biomass Fractions Per Species Equvalent to Biomass Fraction All Species above but reported per species group
Biomass Fractions_SpeciesGroup
Biomass Bark_SpeciesGroup
Biomass Branches_SpeciesGroup
Biomass Dead Branches_SpeciesGroup
Biomass Foliage_SpeciesGroup
Biomass Roots 2-5 mm _SpeciesGroup
Biomass Stems_SpeciesGroup
Biomass Stump and Roots ≥ 5mm _SpeciesGroup
Biomass Total _SpeciesGroup
Wood Density Trees Biomass in stems including bark divided by volume (kg/dm3sk)