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For usage, see Heureka online help

In the Nature Conservation control table you can configure settings related to taking consideration to nature conservation in managed stands, for example setting aside part of a stand and retaining large trees when doing final fellings. It is located in a special control category of a type called Domain Setting. A forest domain must have one and only one link to such a category. The Domain Settings category type differs from the the control categories in that if may cause a treatment unit to be split. Since the area for a treatment unit is fixed througout the planning horizon, only one Domain Settings can be linked to a given forest domain.

Set Aside

Allows you to control how areas should be set aside from forest management.

Area Allocation Method

Specified: Set aside-areas are allocated according to information in the stand register, in the field "NCArea". If edge zones or retnetion pathces has been imported as their own treatment units, the area of these are considered as part of the set aside. For exanple, if 10 percent of the area of a stand should be set aside, but there is already an edgezone that belongs to the stand whose area is larger
Random: Set aside-areas are randomly allocated, according to settings in following sections.

Random Settings

(only if Area Allocation Method = Random)

Override If Border Zone

(Applicable only when using NFI-data as input data)

True: If all treatment units in border zones should be set aside even of the total area to be set aside is exceeded.
True: Total set aside area may not be exceeded.

Area Proportion To Be Set Aside

(only if Area Allocation Method = Random)

Proportion (in percent) of the total area of the forest domain to be set aside.

Random Seed

Allow the user to control the random allocation by setting the seed.


(only if Area Allocation Method = Random)

Fixed: The random seed is a fixed value defined by the user.
Automatic: The random seed is generated by the system.

Specified for each Treatment Unit

(only if Area Allocation Method = Specified)

Area Proportion

The proportion (in percent) of the productive forest area of each treatment unit to be set aside. Only applicable if Area Proportion Source is set to Fixed Value, or the stand register value NCArea is missing.

Area Proportion Source

FromDatabase: The area (and not proportion) to be set aside, if entered in the stand register.
FixedValue: A fixed proportion (%) of the area to be set aside for each treatment unit (in the forest domain).

Allocation within Treatment Unit

Only has effect if a stand is represented by more than one sample plot, for example if FMPP data is used as input data. Allows you to control the simulation of the proportion of the plots within each treatment unit to be set aside.

Plot Allocation Method

Method to use for selecting plots within a treatment unit (randomly or same proportion for all plots).
Random: Random selection. Selected plots are moved to a new treatment unit that has "_NC" as suffix. The area of the praent treatment unit and the new treatment unit are adjusted to correspond to the desired set aside proportion.
Same Proportion All Plots: Same proportion for each plot. Set aside part of plots are moved to a new treatment unit that has "_NC" as suffix.

Plot Allocation Random Method

(only if Area Allocation Method = Random)

Fixed: The random seed is a fixed value defined by the user.
Automatic: The random seed is generated by the system.


Settings for how and if sample plots within a treatment should be selected as set asides. Only applicable in NFI-data is used as input data, or if data has been collected with the old Ivent field inventory software.

Border Zone Criteria

Max distance (m) from an edge to classify a plot as being within a border/edge zone.
Include Plots In Border Zone

Include Plots in Border Zone

Indicates if the plot location should be considered. Plots within border/edge zones are prioritized for nature conservation.
True: If plot centre coordinates are available, they should be considered, False do not.

Tree Retention (moved)

Moved to TreatmentModel control table in version 2.9.

Retention patches within stands

See Helpdoc on retention patches.

Retention Patches as Dependent

True: The management of the set aside or the treatment unit that is defined as a retention patch to some other main stand, depends on when the main stand is harvested.
False: If the set aside has been imported as its own treatment unit (and not created by the program in run time), it will be handled as an independent treatment unit, and not as a child to a main stand even if such a relation has been defined in the stand register file imported.

Retention Patches Treatment

(only if Retention Patches as Dependent = True)

None: No harvesting should be done in the set aside.
Selection: Selection should be done when and if the main stand is harvested.

Edge zones

See Helpdoc on edge zones.

Edge Zones as Dependent

see Retention Patches as Dependent above.

Edge Zones Treatment

(only if Edge Zones as Dependent = True) See Retention Patches Treatment above.