Definition:Land Use

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Name: Land Use
Description: Land use type (ägoslag)
I/O: Input
Membership: Treatment unit
Type: integer
Unit/values: see table below
Database table: dbo.StandObject and dbo.TreatmentUnit

Land use codes used in Heureka

Code English description Swedish description
0 Productive forest land Produktiv skogsmark
1 Non-productive forest land Improduktiv skogsmark
2 Cropland Jordbruksmark
3 Grassland Betesmark
4 Settlements Bebyggd mark
5 Other land Annan mark
6 Wetlands Våtmark
(7) Not reported Ej rapporterad

Forestand codes in stand register

You can enter land use codes in a stand register in a column named "LandUse". In this case, codes are defined according to the Swedish Forestand standard ("Traditionellt ägoslag", Code_LandUseTrad)

Code English description Swedish description Translated to Heureka code:
E1 Productive forest land Produktiv skogsmark 0-Productive forest
E2_0 Impediment - unspecified Impediment - ospecificerat 7-Not reported
E2_1 Impediment - mire Impediment - myr 6-Wetlands
E2_2 Impediment - rock Impediment - berg 1-Non-productive forest
E2_3 Impediment - montane forest Impediment - fjällbarrskog 1-Non-productive forest
E2_4 Impediment - mountain Impediment - fjäll 5-Other land
E3_0 Water - unspecified Vatten - ospecificerat 7-Not reported
E3_1 Water - freshwater Vatten - sötvatten 7-Not reported
E3_2 Water - salt water Vatten - saltvatten 7-Not reported
E4_0 Farmland - unspecified Jordbruksmark - ospecificerat 2-Cropland
E4_1 Farmland - agriculture Jordbruksmark - åkermark 2-Cropland
E4_2 Farmland - pasture Jordbruksmark - betesmark 3-Grassland
E5_0 Other land Annan mark - ospecificerat 5-Other land
E5_1 Settlement Bebyggd mark 4-Settlements
E5_2 Road, railroad Väg, järnväg 5-Other land
E5_3 Catchment Täkt 5-Other land
E5_4 Powerline Kraftledning 5-Other land