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I cannot connect to a database or database server

A common cause of this kind of problem is that you do not have the permission to create a new database on the SQL Server instance. If an IT administrator has installed SQL Server / Express on your computer but not added your user account (in SQL Server Management Studio) with Write/Create privileges then you will not have permission to create new databases. If you are not even listed as a user with read privileges you will be able to connect to SQL Server instance at all.

Solution 1: Request from your IT administrator to get "Create" privileges on the SQL Server instance you have problems with. Solution 2: If solution 1 is not possible you can run a light, file-based SQL Server version called LocalDB. If SQL Server 2012 / Express is installed and is running on your computer, LocalDB is already installed. Just enter "(LocalDB)\v11.0" as the name of the database server. By default, the database files will be placed directly under your profile (C:\Users\YourUserName). From Heureka version 2.3 you will also have the option to select "LocalDB" from the list of database servers, and also to install LocalDB if you have no SQL Server/Express (2012 or later) installed. LocalDB has the same database size limitations as SQL Server Express (10 GB per database).