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This result group contains: Descriptive variables for each treatment unit, such as the area of a treatment unit. In PlanWise and RegWise, these results are always included in a simulation..

Not available in the table view in StandWise, but only in simulation results created in PlanWise and RegWise.

The TreatmentUnit result group always contain data, unlike Stand Register Data that only has data if you have imported a stand register.

Variable name Unit Description
TreatmentUnit text Name of the treatment unit
AreaFactor ha The productive area that the TreatmentUnit represents. If the treatment unit is a sample stand, for example in a an FMPP inventory, the area factor is larger than the treatment unit's are per se.
AdjustedAreaFactor ha Only relevant if NFI-data is used as input data. Takes into account that the inventory data is done over a five-year cycle. Depending on how many inventory years are selected in an analysis with NFI-data as starting point, the Ajusted Area Factor will be adjusted to the number of years. For example, if you choose a complete five-year cycle, it will be the same as the AreaFactor. If you choose only one one year, it will be multiplied by 5.
Area ha Polygon area (total area)
ForestDomain text As a result variable: Forest domain assigned when the simulation was done. As intial state variable: Forest domain according to current forest domain settings.
Impediment proportion [0,1] Impediment proportion of total area (Area)
InventoryYear year The year to which the intial state refers to
IsSamplePlot True/False True if the TreatmentUnit has a one-to-one relation to a sample plot
IsSetAside True/False True if the TreatmentUnit is a set aside.
OwnerType (NFI-data) 0-5 If Swedish NFI-data is used as input data, or if you have entered values in the OwnerType column of an imported stand register., This variable has a value for which owner catogory the treatment unit belongs to:
  1. Unknown
  2. Federal
  3. Ecclesiastical (church)
  4. Other public owner
  5. Corporation
  6. Private
OwningAreaDescription text Area (parent) that the treatment unit belongs to. If input data is a stand register, this is the same as for example AreaLevel3, if AreaLevel3 has a value.
ParentTreatmentUnitGuid internal unique id If a set side, the internal id of the main stand that this treatment unit belongs to.
TreatmentUnitType (NFI-data) code For NFI-data, this denotes the land use.
  1. Productive = Production forestry
  2. NatureConvervation = Reserve or national park/
SetAsideType code Denotes the type of set aside as entered in the stand register.
  1. NoRelation: No relation should be considered between the parent and child
  2. WithinStand: The treatment unit is contained within a parent stand
  3. EdgeZone: The treatment unit is classified as an edge zone
  4. ParentStand: The treatment unit is the parent to a set aside