Variable:Dominant Species

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Name: Dominant Species
Description: Regeneration species or species with largest basal area or stems.
I/O: Output variable (prognosis)
Membership: Treatment unit and Reference unit
Type: real
Unit/values: Species group code
Database table: dbo.Result_ForestData (result database)


Dominant species is used to determine...

  • ...what species to include when computing dominant height, which is used as input to thinning guide.
  • ...what species to compute SiteIndexH for.


New stands

Dominant Species: Regeneration species, i.e. the species that was planted.

Existing stands

Young stands: Species proportion is computed as proportion of trees.

Established stands: Species proportion is computed as proprtion of basal area.

Calculation: If number of conifers >= 500 trees/ha, or sum of conifer proportions >= 50 %, then pine, spruce or contorta is selected as dominant species depending of which is most abundant. Otherwise, if one of oak, beech, or birch >= 50 %, then that one is selected. Otherwise, "other decidouos" is selected, which includes other broad-leafs.