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Name: TreeType
Description: Type of tree
I/O: Input (current state) and output variable (prognosis). A plant grows to a tree etc.
Membership: Tree
Type: enum
Unit/values: 0-not in use
1-OrdinaryTree: a tree with height (TreeHeight) >= 5-7 m and typically with diam >= 4 cm (TreeDiamBH)
2-OverstoreyTree: overstorey tree, a tree that stands out in size compared to the other trees at the plot or treatment unit. Either registered as overstorey tree in field, or computed as such with function
3-MainSapling: a plant or young tree typically with height < 5-7 m and with diam < 4 cm. Candidate as crop tree after regeneration. Applies to even-aged management.
4-SecondarySapling: As main plant but less likely to become crop tree. Prioritized for removal in cleaning. Reserve if main plants are missing or damaged.
5-Not in use
6-Retention tree
Database table: dbo.Trees