Version 0.3.3

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New features

StandWise, TPG, and Regional Application:

  • Date when project last was modified shown in start page.
  • Most recent projects also shown in file menu.
  • Result for old and new carbon store added.
  • Missing polygons for Remningstorp added to database.
  • Handling of trees smaller than minimum diameter for clearcut added.
  • Bengtsson mortality functions for small trees added. The user now have a choice of using either Fridman/Ståhl functions for mortality, or a combination of then Bengtsson, Söderberg, and Fridman/Ståhl functions.
  • Function for determining if a treatment unit is even aged or not added.
  • Improved handling of pricelists.

PlanWise and RegWise:

  • Minor changes in forest type template handling.
  • More features for defining and handling map themes.
  • More attributes shown for selected TreatmentUnit in map.
  • Output window added.
  • Minor performance improvements, most significant when generating initial state.


  • Terminal Value of treatment programs added.
  • Information about the treatment units that treatment programs has been generated shown in output window.


  • Only reports for which results has been generated can be selected.


  • Tool for manually creating new treatment units implemented.
  • Dialogs for configuration of rejuvenation and clearcut shown when user selects those actions.
  • Cleaning action added.


  • Assignment of reference units to treatment units based on stand data implemented.

Import Application:

  • Import of H100BastaMetod in IPAK to SiteIndexBestMethod added.

Known problems

TPG and Regional Simulator:

  • When a project with an invalid result database is opened the application hangs for a while. Suggested workaround: Wait.


  • The application sometimes freezes if it is started but not used for a while.
  • Delete project does not work. Suggested workaround: Delete the project in the Windows File Explorer.


  • It is not possible to create a new data source. Suggested workaround: Modify an existing data source.
  • Preview of parameter does not work always.