Version 0.5.1

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New features

For known problems in this release, see Known problems in version 0.5.1


  • Diameter distribution included in felling results
  • Changes in cross cutting, height min and max changed, pTop set to 100% if no pulp or timber could be extracted, and relative length of last cut saved
  • Treatment unit description, owner type, and area description included as conditions in map, reports, and domain builder
  • Sum of tree parts included as a result for biomass
  • Diameter class distribution in diagrams can now show number of stems or volume


  • Updated export to text function for tree data.
  • Management system saved as a result
  • Default prioritization of treatments changed


  • Optimization results from tactical planning saved
  • Results from tactical planning can be shown in map, diagram, and tables


No new features except general features


  • Control tables stand visualization and visual settings, removed, settings moved to production model control table and menu options
  • Thinning history added to info window
  • Strip roads accounted for when thinning in non-spatial model
  • Different thinning settings for different specises now work also in non-spatial mode
  • Correction factors can be defined when registering tree data