Version 0.5.3

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New features


  • Price for waste can be set in pricelist
  • Number of quality classes in pricelist restricted to 10
  • Not and not in operator supported for strings in forest domain definitions
  • Forest domain shown in initial state
  • Overview of treatment units per forest domain
  • Control categories can be copied
  • Stand object data can be shown in map
  • Reset to default for all properties in a control table with just one click


  • User defined species mapping for plants during Ipak import
  • Functions for creating and deleting databases added
  • Functions for removal of areas added
  • Correction factors for tree height calculated during stand register import
  • Changes in menus


  • Valid values for forest domains and enumerated values can be shown in optimizer
  • Final felling period determined by LS�? - mean age excluding overstorey
  • Max no of thinnings and mean time between thinnings in treatment programs can be defined
  • Maximum alternatives to saved can be defined


No new features except general features


  • Several changes in register tree data (changed labels, changed default values, more validation of input)

Fixed problems

  • Treatment unit properties in map didn't show all properties correctly (no problem report)

See Resolved problem reports in release 0.5.3

Known problems

See New and active problem reports