Version 0.8

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New features


  • Import of climate scenario

Common new Features for PlanWise, RegWise, and StandWise

  • Result and treatment categories merged, so that it is possible to link results settings (e.g. pricelist) to a treatment


  • New category for domain settings, i.e. settings that applies to the entire forest domain (currently used for nature conservation)
  • New result variable annual growth percentage
  • The term "Plant(s)" rename to "Sapling(s)"
  • Treatments can be applied in period midths
  • Link to habitat model (export and import) implemented
  • Climate model fully implemented
  • Nature conservation implemented
  • New version of carbon and nitrogen data model implemented
  • User interface redesigned


  • Optimization solution can be rounded to nearest integer
  • Several indicies can be defined for a set in an optimization model
  • Optimization results can be named when the results are saved