Version 1.0

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New features


  • New version of import from Ivent

All applications

  • Project file is locked when a user has the project open and other user can only open the same project in read only mode


  • Correct map and area for chosen plan shown

Common new Features for PlanWise, RegWise, and StandWise

  • Rejuvenation renamed to regeneration, and plants renamed to saplings in all code, menus, and results
  • Carbon and nitrogen results are now in ton/ha
  • Result maps shows area used in simulation
  • Final version of habitat model export and import
  • Dialog for selecting database more responsive
  • Soil preparation year now set as number of years after final felling
  • Mean age in results is always real age
  • Recreation model now uses tree diversity and is calculated on treatment unit level
  • Fewer results from dead wood
  • Implementation of extensive regeneration fixed
  • New version of Q model
  • Min diameter for dead wood can be set
  • Corrected aggration of biomass results


  • User interface redesigned with tabs
  • Net present value calculation for tactical treatment programs corrected
  • Cplex version 11 supported
  • Properties for optimization results can be shown
  • Simulation name can be set for tactical simulations


  • Restriction of area for treatment units opened in StandWise
  • Total basal area of registered trees not allowed to exceed total area of plot
  • Plot coordinates can be registered
  • Variables in table are grouped by result type


  • Results grouped by forest domain