Version 1.0.4

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Release Notes

New features

  • When simulating a thinning or selection felling in StandWise, you can now set the target thinning grade to a larger value than the user setting parameter "Maximum Thinning Grade". The program then asks you if you would like to override the max value, or adjust the thinning grade. This means that you do not need change to the parameter "Maximum Thinning Grade", only for a single simulation.

Bugg fixes

  • Some bugs in Ivent were fixed.
  • Selection felling only worked for pine, spruce and birch trees. An error was discovered when simulating selection felling in an oak stand. This has been fixed so that all species are included.
  • Fertilization effect was faulty and has been fixed.
  • The Swedish versions did not work in released version, only in development versions. This has been fixed.
  • The thinning algorithm has now been fixed. Input parameters has also been reorganized and name edited.

Next release

The next release is planned in May 7, 2010.