Version 1.0.5

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Release notes

New features

  • In PlanWise, you can now edit the name of an optimization. Names for default solutions for strategical and tactical have been changed to "Max NPV �?? strategical" and "Max NPV �?? tactical".
  • In PlanWise, the a new tab called "Optimization Results" in the main window gathers optimizaiton results and consists of three subpages: "Details" (see below), "Map", and "Tables and Graphs".
  • In PlanWise you can now create a table that shows stand-level results. You find this function in the window "Optimization Results" > "Details". The table in "Details" shows by default treatment unit id, alternative selected, net present value, and volume, treatment, age, and stem density. You can customize this table and select what variables to display. You can copy the results to a spreadsheet program for further analysis.
  • A new result variable "IsSetAside" is now available. It has the value "True" if the treatment unit is actually a set aside part from another "parent" unit. The variable is needed in the optimization model, and can be used when defining conditions in result tables.
  • A new optimization model is included when installing PlanWise. It is called "Max nuvärde med jämnhetskrav ver 3.hops". The previous model had errors.
  • Thinning guides are now implemented for oak and beech.
  • The dialog "Register Tree Data" has been slightly redesigned to make it more intuitive, and also translated to Swedish.
  • You can now set the minimum top diameter for bucking (timber and pulpwood) to an arbitrary number. The remaining part of the tree can be extracted as bio fuel, if you want to simulate bio fuel extraction. For example, setting it to 15 cm instead of the default value of 5 cm means that timber and pulpwood must have a top diameter of at least 15 cm. This overrides the value in the timber pricelist which usually starts at a minimum top diameter of 10-12 cm for timber.

Bug fixes

  • A couple of errors in the model for simulating plantation of decidouos trees and contorta has been fixed.
  • An error has been fixed that prevented creating a new database on a remote server (PlanStart, function Create New Forest Database).
  • A couple of errors in the height growth model for young stands have been fixed. These errors lead to runtime error with messages such as "Invalid height growth".
  • En error in the cleaning simulator has been fixed. This error lead, under some circumstances, that stem density after cleaning was larger than before cleaning (!).
  • En error when calculating adjusted temperature sum in the climate response model has been fixed.
  • The optimization builder now supports the element operators max and min (not to be confused with the direction of the optimization problem).
  • An error when calculating net present value for fertilization programs in StandWise has been fixed.
  • When using the "Set Aside"-function for setting aside parts of stands for Nature Conservation, an error occurred when also using "Period Midts", so that the development for the set-aside part was computed with a time horizon that was one period too short. This has been fixed.
  • The revenue from bio fuel extracation was computed on available bio fuel, not extracted. This has been fixed.
  • A misfortunate error was introduced in 1.0.4 and prevented the settings "Regeneration Schema" to be edited (RegWise). This has been fixed.
  • Several Control Tables were pointing at the same instance, so that making changes in one control category caused the corresponding change in another control category. This has been fixed.
  • The function �?�Copy All�?� from Intial State > Details (PlanWise and RegWise) did not copy all displayed columns. This has been fixed.
  • A workaround for a .NET bug that sometimes lead to an error when saving a Forest Domain Template has been implemented.
  • Ingrowth function has been fixed.
  • Plus some other minor fixes�?�

Next release

The next release is planned in June, 2010.