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New features

  • In RegWise, management system can be selected explictly in the same way as in PlanWise.
  • In PlanWise and RegWise, it is possible to deactive forest domains so that all treatment units that belong to a certain domain are excluded from simulation.
  • Pricelists can be named and described, thanks two new settings for a pricelist: Comment and Name.

Bug fixes and improvements

PlanWise and RegWise

  • The handling of treatment categories within a forest domain has been made more intuitive. A new dialog is opened when you right-click on a forest domain and select �??Edit control category connections�?�.
    • In PlanWise, there are checkboxes for �??Gen1�?� and �??Gen2�?�.
    • In RegWise, area percentages for each treatment category can be entered.
  • In RegWise, the simulation rules for calculating total harvesting in each period for thinning, selection harvesting and final felling has been developed and is almost complete.
    • Treatments can now also be simulated in the first period.
    • Harvest levels are met.
    • Selection harvesting can be simulated.
  • In the PlanWise optimization tool, formula parameters with tuple indexes had an error in the index definition. The fix enables defining an indexed parameter as a function of another indexed parameter.
  • An error in the computation of conditional and weighted averages in reports has been fixed. For example, average diameter in thinnings was faulty.

PlanWise,RegWise, and StandWise

  • A result variable for timber harvested (total and per species) has been added. It replaces �??timber volume top log�?�, �??timber volume middle log�?�, and �??timber volume butt log�?�. NOTE! If you have graphs and diagrams with the old variables, you must edit the report template. You must also edit optimization models that use timber volumes as parameters.


  • An error has been fixed in the net present value calculator, which lead to that the discount rate entered was not updated correctly when calculating soil expectation values.


  • When linking stand register data to existing Heureka data, all subnodes within the selected areanode are searched. This means that you do not have to enter values for �??AreaLevel2�?� and �??AreaLevel3�?� in the stand register (csv) if you just want to link the stand register data to existing Heureka data. Note that the standid should always be unique within the area.
  • The import of stand register data has been made more effective, importing 20000 stands takes about 20 sec instead of several minutes.
  • An error in sample tree height calibration when importing FMPP data (Indelningspaket) has been fixed.
  • A couple of errors when importing incomplete stand register data has been fixed. If the data is not needed for simulating tree lists, then the only field required is �??standid�?�.


  • A comparison have been made between growth calculations under no management in PlanWise and FMPP (Indelningspaketet). The investigation is not completed but prelimnary results show that differences are rather small, when using the same growth models.

Next release

The next release is planned December 20, 2010.

Known issues

Known Issues