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  • A new cleaning algoritm is available for testing. It allows for a more detailed specification of species distribution after cleaning.
  • Heureka has been tested by several users, both in research and practice. Cases with large problems (>20000 stands) has revealed some bugs that occur under special circumstances, and version 1.3 should be more robust than previous versions.
  • A module has been developed that makes it possible to compare growth predictions with long-term experiments.
  • 64-bit applications are now available for RegWise and PlanWise which allows for larger problems to be solved.


New features and improvements

  • A new cleaning algoritm is available for testing. It allows for a more detailed specification of species distribution after cleaning. In control table TreatmentMode, select HeurekaCleaningNew to access it. This will enable "HeurekaCleaningConfiguration" dialog, in which you can prioritize species and set species proportion targets.
  • RegWise, PlanWise and PlanWval are available as 64-bit applications. If you have a 64-bit operating system, then the 64-bit versions are selected automatically, but you must UNINSTALL old versions first!
  • It is now possible to add a user-defined integer set to an optimization model.
  • In RegWise, tree level data can be exported from selected time periods.
  • A folder structure has been added to organize report templates in PlanWise and RegWise.
  • An optimization model parameter can be deactivated (excluded), without deleting it from the optimization model per se.
  • All mean height variables are now given in meters. Previously, there was an inconsistent use of dm and m.
  • The calculation of forest domains assignments has been made more efficient (faster).
  • Some settings not meant for the user to change in control table Pricelist have been hidden, for example min and max diameter for theoretical buckling (these are determined by the price list instead).

Bug fixes

(sorry for inconsistent language)

  • Mean height and mean age in young stands are now calculated as the weighted arithmetic mean height and mean age of the main stems. This is done by weighting with the calculated probability that a tree will be a crop tree. Previously, secondary stems were also included.
  • FIXED: Byte av årtal för Rikstaxdata uppdaterar inte beståndslistan.
  • FIXED: Gödslingspolicy FP_EVERY_HARVEST ger gödslingar utan att det görs avverkningar.
  • FIXED: Min final felling age was too short when si > 30.
  • FIXED: Error in calculation of thinning grade for trees in manually plotted striproads.
  • FIXED: Diameterklassfördelning kan inte visas (StandWise).
  • Automatisk avverkning av överståndare görs nu endast på plantytor.
  • FIXED: Intensivgödsling i generation 2 utförs inte.
  • FIXED: Initial kalmark erhåller stamantal > 0 vid Initial State
  • FIXED: åtgärd = X i sista perioden vid CCF ger inget nuvärde för programmet
  • FIXED: Settings for RegenerationMethod and SoilScarification is not saved in project.
  • FIXED: Knapp för röjning i period 0 i StandWise är inte konsekvent.
  • FIXED: Fel i RegWise om man inte sparat projekt och försöker göra en rapport.
  • FIXED: Fel vid skapande av rapport om katalog inte finns.
  • FIXED: Gallring i period 0 i RegWise diffar mellan rapporter och output.
  • FIXED: Kontrollkategorier som sparas som fil och öppnas får ingen koppling till "Default Control Category"
  • FIXED: PlanWise: För vissa bestånds skapas inga skötselprogram (Berodde på fel då man använder Enforce Thinning).
  • FIXED: Cost function for thinning did not use thinning number correctly.
  • FIXED: Automatisk uppdatering bestånd efter inmatning av träddata i StandWise.
  • FIXED: Overestimation of stem wood biomass in forest fuel extraction.

Next release

September 2011.