Version 1.9.3

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Version 1.9.3



  • Forest fuel thinning.
  • New pricelist manager, allowing different pricelists for different treatments.
  • Faster report generation, no "Time Out"!
  • Cleaning cost as a function of stand variables and number of cut trees instead of only fixed cost.
  • Control table changes:
    • The contents of control table Performance have been moved to main menu Settings. This menu is new and replaces the Tools-menu, you also find language settings in this menu.
    • Control table Pricelist is also removed. Pricelists are now handled in the Pricelist Manager which is reached from a button or via menu Data Manager.
    • Control table Cost is renamed to Cost and Revenue.

New features

  • A pricelist is no longer part of a control category but handled by (the new) Pricelist Manager (Prislistehanteraren). Different pricelists can be applied to different treatments. This linkage between pricelists and treatments are made in control table Cost and Revenue (previously called Cost), section "6. Pricelists" (see help documentation:
  • More control for thinning of young stands and possibility to simulate dedicated "biofuel thinnings". This includes that you can specify criteria to define young stands in terms of max relative age, absolute age, and max height. These criteria are then used when simulating a thinning, to determine whether it is a first thinning (young stand thinning), or a later thinning. This affects harvesting costs. Also, you can choose between thinning types Ordinary and Forest Fuel for young stands that meet the criteria.
  • New cost functions have been implemented for multple-tree extraction in forest fuel thinnings in young stands. The function parameters can be edited, and you also add your own functions (of the same form).
  • A new function for calculating cleaning cost is available, as an alternative to only a fixed cost. The new function is selected by choosing CleaningCostModel = Variable.
  • Possible to set and enforce high priority thinnings (PlanWise). The new control table settting High Priority Thinning Criteria in control table Treatment Program Generator gives you the possibility to define high priority thinnings and enforce immediate thinnings for these. This functionality was previously only available in Tactical TPG, but is now available also in Strategic TPG.
  • There is now a forth thinning guide called "Logarithmic", which uses ln(domHeight) as control variable similar to Skogforsk's INGVAR thinning guide. The default coefficients have been parameterized based on INGVAR into one guide for all si-classes (one for pine and one for spruce), instead of different functions for different si-classes. This means that the functions are NOT equivalent to INGVAR!


  • Control table Performance is no longer a control table. Its contents has been moved to main menu Settings.
  • Settings made in tactical TPG dialog (number of periods, discount rate etc) was not saved between two simulations, but now they are.
  • HabitatPrognosis is now available for ArcGIS 10.1 users (it has previously only been possible to run for those with ArcGIS 9.3.1 installed).
  • Report generation is much faster and does not lead to "TimeOut Expired". Creating reports for large problems in PlanWise and PlanEval has been problematic due to TimeOut errors. This has been fixed by more efficient SQL Query formulations. Also, the time out limit has been increased from 2 minutes to 1 hour.

Bug fixes

  • An error "Default pricelist gzip could not be found" when simulating tree lists in StandWise (!) or when creating a new project have been occurring for some users, often when installation had been done by an administrator and the user himself. This problem has been fixed (hopefully).
  • The result rows could display a tooltip belonging to another row in the result viewer.
  • Fixed problem when importing shape-files that had polygons with "holes". It is unclear why this problem has not been noticed earlier.
  • Too few treatment programs were sometimes generated in PlanWise TPG, especially when running stand with several sample plot (FMPP/Ipak-data). The problem has occurred after recent changes of TPG. But as a result, the treatment program generator should now work better than ever, hopefully!
  • Fixed problem with added pricelist that was not automatically updated.
  • Fixed problem in RegWise when opening old projects with more than one forest domain.
  • Dialog input values for thinnings were not used when autogenerating treatment programs in StandWise. The problem occured when autogenerating a complete program, i.e. when running the command Last Period. The error first occured after introducing the new user interface to the thinning specification (version 1.9.1).
  • An error in StandWise occured when opening a control table from a file created in PlanWise. This lead to a duplication of control tables. The problem also occurred when opening a PlanWise project in StandWise, or when opening a specific control table from file.