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(No Swedish version available)


This is a upgrade with some bug fixes of the treatment program generator in PlanWise, and some database functions that minimizes disk usages and simplifies database management.

New features

Automatic installation of SQL Server

Planned for the upcoming version 2.0 later this autumn, a test version of an automatic installation of SQL Server Express is available. You can reach this function via menu Help:


Database cleanup

Database files are automatically cleaned up after simulations in PlanWise and RegWise, and when opening projects. This minimizes disk space usage.

Remove unused databases from within the applications

You can remove unused databases from within the programs (instead of using SQL Server Management Studio), via menu Data Management > Data Removal > Remove Database (Datahantering > Ta bort data > Ta bort databas).


Bug fixes

Bugfix: Parameter "Final Felling Period Min" had no effect

Parameter "Final Felling Period Min" in PlanWise has not been working as intended (it had no effect). This has been fixed.

Bugfix: Calibration of tree heights

The calibration of tree heights using species-wise input data from a stand register has been faulty since version 1.9.7, but is now fixed. Avoid entering species-wise mean heights in the stand register if they are unknown, it is better to only enter a stand-level mean height in that case. In other words, you should not enter the same values as the stand-level value just to fill in the columns, leave them empty instead. The calibration of tree heights for overstorey trees is also fixed, so that it is done separately from other trees.

New import templates for tree data

Import templates for plot and tree data has been updated ((TreeListTemplate.xlsm), and column descriptions improved. This template now also contains the sheet TreatmentProposals (same as used in the stand register data template).