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This result group contains: Site description variables that do not change over time.

Variable name Unit Description
Site Index Species Pine or Spruce Species for which the site index refers to. If other than pine or spruce, the site index and the site index species are converted when importing data to the corresponding site index for either pine or spruce.
Altitude m Altitude, height above sea level
Climate Code code see Climate Code
County Code code see County Code
Latitude degrees (N°) Latitude
Maturity Class NFI Cutting class or maturity class (huggningsklass) according to NFI-definition
Soil Moisture code see Soil Moisture Code
Temperature Sum Celsius degrees (C°) Temperature sum
Soil Texture code see Soil Texture Code
Vegetation Type code see Vegetation Type Code
Bonitet A fertility index used in Sweden indicating typical long-term productivity for the site type (m3sk/ha,år) Bonitet