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Screenshot of the StandWise software

StandWise (sw: BeståndsVis) is a stand-level management simulation and visulization tool (2D and 3D). With StandWise you can simulate different kinds of treatments, such as planting, cleaning, thinning, clearcutting, and fertilization. Strip-roads can be laid out graphically. You can simulate the development over an extended time horizon and define treatments manually or let the program do it for you. Growth projections are based on single-tree growth functions. Economical returns from harvesting are computed with bucking algorithms given the price list used. Costs computations are based on time-consumption functions for harvester and forwarder. Besides from growth- and yield values, other utilities such as carbon sequestration and recreational indices can be computed.

System requirements


  • Access to Sql Server 2005 or later (Talk to an Heureka admin.)
  • DirectX is required and is included in the install. However, sometimes something goes wrong here and in that case you must install DirectX manually: [1]

Installation Process

  1. Check that your system meets the system requirements, and that you have the proper prerequisites installed.
  2. After registering, follow the link to the download page and click on the application you want to install. If you have already registered, you can go directly to the download page.

User's Guide

User's guide to StandWise