Version 1.0.3

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New features

No more need to manually upgrade database!

If your database version is out of date, the system will offer you to automatically upgrade the database to the latest version. This is done when you open or create a project in StandWise, RegWise, PlanWise, or PlanStart.


  • It is now much easier to create an empty database or a demo database. See Create Forest Database.
  • When setting up an export table to Ivent (through the menu Iventory), you can no longer customize what variables to include. This function was inactivted because the settings were not handled correctly in Ivent.

PlanEval, PlanWise, och RegWise

I the report builder you can now define conditional mean values. An example of a conditional mean is "mean volume for forests older than 100 year". In previous versions you have been able to define conditional values, but only for total values.


  • Automatic (undesired) reordering of columns in the Table-view has been fixed.


  • Erroneous validity control of diameter-height correlation has been fixed.
  • Handling of validity control messages has been modified.

Known issues

  • The handling of seed trees and shelterwoods should be improved, and easier for the user to control.
  • The growth and yield predictions are very sensitive to the choice of height growth functions (up to 20% diff in volume). We are currently investigated this issue.
  • The thinning algorithm (type "Hugin") still has some errors, although we thought we had fixed it in the previous version. When thinning from above or below, the target (desired) thinning grade is not met exactly.

Important! Installation instructions if you have version older than 1.0.2

Follow the installation instruction in release notes version 1.0.2 if you have versions older than 1.0.2 installed.

Next release

The next release is planned in April.