Version 1.0.2

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New features


  • Function for importing Ivent-data now works as expected
  • The fields MapId and SubStandId in the stand register import template are now obsolete. The field StandId alone is used as treatment unit id.

Common for PlanWise, RegWise, and StandWise

  • Errors in deterministic version of cleaning algorithm has been fixed.
  • The thinning algorithm (type "Hugin") has been fixed. In the previous version, thinning control parameters were not implemented correctly.
  • Fertilization effect on economic value was faulty. This has been fixed.
  • The result variable MeanAgeTotal now refers to arithmetic mean age in young stands, and basal area weighted mean age in established stands. Previously it always referred to basal area weighted mean age (this did not affect calculations, only result graphs and tables). This probabaly explains peculiar age class graphs, with no volume in ageclass 10-20 years. Note: Always use MeanAgeTotal (excl overtorey) when presenting age class results.
  • If there was an existing overstorey layer (in the inventory data), this layer was never harvested. This error have been partly fixed. In the control table Treatment Model, you will be able to define how an existing overstorey should be handled. The only option implemented, however, is "Remove Immediately" and "Leave", meaning that exisiting overstorey trees will either bu cut at initialization, or left as is.


  • New errors in regeneration on bare land have been fixed.
  • Regeneration treatment history is recognized when data has been imported from stand register.


  • The product is only called StandWise from now on, not BeståndsVis.
  • "Diagrams" are renamed to "Graphs".
  • Graphs with age or diameter class at the X-axis did not work. This has been fixed.


  • Changed name from PlanBeslut


  • Version 2010.3 has numerous fixes and has to some extent been reengineered.
  • A settings menu is now available
  • The Digitech Mantax caliper is supported

Known issues

  • The handling of seed trees and shelterwoods should be improved, and easier for the user to control.
  • The growth and yield predictions are very sensitive to the choice of height growth functions (up to 20% diff in volume). We are currently investigated this issue.

Important! Installation instructions

  1. Because of name and path changes, the automatic upgrade with ClickOnce will not work, and you must uninstall previous versions av all programs. You do this through Add/Remove programs in the Controlpanel (or equivalent depending on OS and language).
  2. Upgrade existing databases in two steps:
  3. If you've used previous Heureka versions and want to find project files easily you should rename the project folders. These can be found under My Documents> Heureka> Projects (called a bit different depending on the operating system and language):
    • Rename the folder BeståndsVis to StandWise
    • Rename the folder to PlanVis PlanWise
    • Rename the folder RegVis to RegWise
    • Rename the folder PlanBeslut to PlanEval
  4. After the upgrade from BeståndsVis to StandWise, your chart templates do not appear in the list of available charts. Would you like to have access to the old templates you should rename the folder "My Documents \ Heureka \ Common \ StandVis Diagrams", to "My Documents \ Heureka \ Common \ StandWise Graphs"

Next release

The next version is planned to be released in only two weeks, that is February 26. It will include functionality to automatically create a forest database, so that you will not have to download a backup-file and restore it in PlanStart etc. Also, database upgrading will be automatic, making the manual upgrading process obsolete.