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New help documentation

A newer help documentation is available at (currently only in Swedish).


PlanWise is an application for long term forestry planning, including both strategic and tactical planning. It can be considered a problem solver that helps you find solutions to problems of the type "What to do and when?".

The application can can handle full cover geographical analysis which gives the basic conditions for spatial forestry planning, enabling the consideration of landscape patterns and concentration of treatments. It also gives a better connection to short term operational planning.

The application includes two main components, a growth-and-yield simulator and an optimizer. The simulator is called the Treatment Program Generator (TPG). The TPG computes alternative treatment programs for each treatment unit (stand) in a given forest area. The optimizer is called Heureka Optimization Programming System (HOPS). It is used to formulate and solve linear programming and mixed-integer programming problems for choosing between optional treatment programs. Another component is a map viewer for visualization of forest development and management under different plans, or scenarios.

Get Started

The best way to get started is probably to read the Get Started section and follow the instruction for installing the software. After that you can through the tutorial suggested there or check up another one in tutorials. This one (only in Swedish though) is probably the current best: introductury exercise used in MSc course.

Working with Projects

Introduction to Projects

Create a new Project

Open an existing Project

Making a copy of a Project (incl. Name of Objects)

Delete a Project

Generating treatment programs

About Control Categories, Control Tables, and Forest Domains


User's Guide to Optimization

Analyzing Results

Results can be viewed in maps, tables and graphs. See Results.

How Do I?

It is possible to look at the tutorial and you are free to do the exercises (all of them or those you find relevant). However, be aware of the fact that they were written for MSc-students that worked with earlier releases of PlanWise (e.g., screenshots and programming syntax will not be applicable).

Create a New Result Database

Improve Performance

Organize Windows


Control Tables

Common Dialogs

Error Messages